I Have 289 Unanswered LinkedIn Invites

Careful: You don’t know where that’s been

So, am I a LinkedIn Snob?

Over the last 18 years or so that I have been on LinkedIN, I have always held one philosophy:

I only connect to people I actually know.

So invites just sit there… unanswered. For years. Like connection invite purgatory.

The idea is that I should be able to know WHY I am connected to each of my connections there.

That my “network” becomes more valuable if I am very cautious about who I connect to… and that I can trace each connection back to a meaningful interaction of some sort.

But with the changes to the platform (and the prevalence of twitter, insta and other social apps that value sharing > community, is this the wrong way to think about it?

What do YOU think?

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