I’m ready for FaceID everywhere.

I’ve been using Face ID on the iPhone X now for a few months and, like everything with Apple, even new things seem to feel completely normal after using them for a bit.

(That’s the part about Apple that windows/android fans seem to forget when they say “but my [device] has been doing that for years”)

Now, I’m ready for this everywhere.

Of course this is probably a privacy nightmare, but I’d love my MacBook to open when I look at it. The iPad as well, and who knows what else you could do. Authenticate my car starting when my phone is inside and Face ID recognizes me?

Beam me up, Apple. I’m yours and whatever government agency is tracking me through you. Just love me enough to let me unlock all the things with my face and I’m all in.

I get looks like I’m from 3018 when I pay with ApplePay at stores (still). Even more when I use my Apple Watch (definitely one of the beat features there), but when I can just give attention to my phone and it unlocks, allowing me to pay for something makes things feel very fluid and somehow more deeply connected to me.

…Like my phone is paying attention to me.

Which, if I couldn’t out my screen down beforek, getting me to feel like it’s also unable to stop looking back at me, surely can’t hurt, can it?? 🧐