I’m Sick. I hate It. I’ve learned from it.

Robert Merrill
Dec 13, 2019 · 3 min read
white ceramic mug on white table beside black eyeglasses
white ceramic mug on white table beside black eyeglasses
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Sure, it’s cold and flu season which is to be expected that some would get sick, but this one really has me down and while it’s both tested my limits, its also helped me see some things a little differently as I close out 2019.

The ugly back story is that while people around me were getting sick over the last 6–8 weeks, I have somehow floated above the proverbial germ pool and avoided any adverse ailments, until a week ago today when I felt a tickle as I swallowed. I was sure it was just a dry mouth. Having the furnace on dries the air, afterall.

No dice.

The summary is, now a week later and a pharmacy-load of medications, I feel I have survived the worst of this, but still face the weakness in my joints, the aching in my forehead and the lack of stamina or even the will to get things done that would be in a normal day’s work.

I hate it.

I hate not being able to exercise and do normal things.

I hate not feeling helpful and feeling as though others need to go out of their way to accommodate me (or avoid me, as they should).

But I have also learned from it.

I am a little more methodical at the moment about what I choose to do because I know I don’t have enough energy to just “hustle” until everything is done.

I need to self-care more frequently, and this doesn’t mean sitting in a tub with candles or whatever, but pay attention to and be with myself and ensure that I am caring for the things that I need. Fueling that flame inside me.

I have asked for help from colleagues and friends and been amazed at their caring responses and willingness to either postpone deadlines or help me with things.

I need to appreciate others in my life, especially my spouse who put up with the best but most often the worst that my life can dish out.

And, to wax philosophic, I have appreciated more my own breath and the awesome feeling of being up and doing great things, working well, fulfilling commitments, being alert and caring and empathetic to others and having your full capacity available to help you care for others beside yourself.

I appreciate more my body’s amazing ability to heal itself and the miracles of medicine available to help us.

And hallelujah when I am well enough to play basketball again.

Originally published by Robert Merrill at ConnectedWell.

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