Preparing Students to Lose Their Jobs

This article from Heather McGowan needs to be known and shared.

My two second takeaway is that we have been freaking out about STEM in school and while it will still be important, the chances are that we are still creating an educational model that will, perhaps, prepare students for what work was like in 2005, not 2025.

How do we leapfrog ahead in preparing students for real life work and real work life — in that students need to be able to atomize their skills and find many ways to generate income (revenue?) just as entire massive industries are being atomized (i.e hotels — > airbnb).

A family, perhaps, will look more like a corporation?

A corporation, probably, will need to act a lot more like family.

A high school, should probably act a lot more like a college. And a college should probably act a lot more like a startup.

The thing I fear is that atomization of work also leads to 24/7 work. And that will kill family life if we’re not careful.

Where will automation and human/cyborg relations help in this? Can my bots do things for me so I can spend more time with my family? If my AI handles all my 10,000 emails a day and prompts me to answer the 9 or 10 really important communications a day, that will help.


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