Take Your Address OFF Your Resume

Robert Merrill
Jan 19 · 2 min read
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(See video) As a quick resume tip, I want to explain three reasons why candidates should take their full address OFF your resume in 2020 and beyond.


Your digital footprint is more important these days than ever. Managing it starts with you taking control or the things you can. Keeping your street address off public or semi private databases is a crucial part of this.


I’d like to think that most people would never tell a stranger their home address or other personally identifying details about their life. But for no reason at all, people divulge their home address to anonymous companies and their representatives who have unlimited access to people’s personal information.

Especially for older individuals or people living on their own, revealing your home address could cause personal safety issues or other challenges if random people have access to something you’d never tell a stranger on the street.

Conscious / Unconscious Bias

Every town has a “good part” and a “wrong side of the tracks”. Right or wrong, you’re susceptible to conscious or unconscious bias if you reveal your home address. A curious (read: creepy) person with google street view could make a lot of unreasonable judgements about you, positively or negatively, if they have your address.

Using something more generic like “San Francisco” or “Bay Area” can further help you align yourself to a role without companies or recruiters subconsciously discarding your profile because they think you would not want that commute.

There’s countless ways people can misuse your personal address information if you provide it to them.

The easiest solution is to not provide it in the first time.

Providing your address, securely, to HR (and verifying that only HR can see it) on the day you’re hired is an appropriate use of your address. Before that, there’s only a very slight chance your street address will help you in any way through the hiring process.

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Robert Merrill is the Founder and Principal Consultant of ConnectedWell Talent Advisors, a people-first recruitment and talent acquisition consultancy driven to help business owners solve their most-pressing people-related problems in lasting, effective ways.

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