If tags are numbers, like dates — wrap the whole thing in pound signs, like #2017/04/06#
Bear Tips: Organize notes with tags and infinite nested tags

To auto-categorize your notes by date, tag dates in Bear by surrounding the date in pound-signs: #yyyy/mm/dd#

This is a great tip about tagging dates in Bear

I didn’t know this before, but searching for something about nesting tags brought me to this post about infinite tag nesting in Bear Writer and now I am geeking out about adding dates to everything I am writing in this format:

If tags are numbers, like dates — wrap the whole thing in pound signs, like #2017/04/06#

This creates an immediate hierarchy of nested year/month/day notes from your left menu bar in Bear that your inner OCD-self will love. Clicking the chevron arrows to expand and contract the list of self-organized journal entries, notes or anything else is more fun than a fidget spinner.