Customer success story: Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Denmark increases revenue and brand loyalty through connectivity

Loredana Musat
Connected Cars
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3 min readApr 2, 2020



One challenge that is fairly common across dealerships is maintaining customer loyalty past the standard warranty period.

The older a vehicle gets, the more service it typically requires, meaning that older vehicles represent a valuable source of revenue for dealerships. Customer loyalty is key to revenue growth.

Recognizing the importance of providing an outstanding customer experience to increase brand loyalty, and implicitly revenue, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Denmark started a collaboration with Connected Cars to match growing customer expectations.


Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Denmark implemented Connected Cars’ workshop management system, which enables workshops to streamline service management and take a proactive approach to customer care.

Connected Cars has created a digital platform that allows us to start a direct and proactive dialogue with our commercial customers. Their solution is data-driven, which enables us to provide our customers with better advice when it comes to their daily operations, and help them keep downtime to a minimum by offering proactive vehicle maintenance and service.

– Lise Bülow, Head of After Sales, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Denmark

Workshops can prepare for customer visits in advance by having the right parts and staff in place. Time on the ramp is minimized, which is a great benefit for fleet customers, as their business’ success often relies on the vehicles running optimally.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Denmark has been able to further increase its brand loyalty and revenue by implementing Connected Cars’ fleet management system and licensing it to its customers. The fleet management system was customized to fit Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Denmark’s needs and branded as MyVolkswagenFleet.

By implementing these solutions, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Denmark has gained a competitive advantage, as it can now provide customers with a comprehensive package that includes leasing, insurance, service management, and fleet management and therefore become the preferred one-stop partner for fleet owners.

The collaboration we’ve had with Volkswagen concerning Connected Cars has been great — and incredibly fun to be a part of. It played a big part in our decision to partner with Volkswagen, as Ford was cheaper on the leasing side at the time. But as Volkswagen’s fleet management system was launched and became an option — and was cheaper than the solution we were using at the time — Volkswagen suddenly became the more affordable alternative.

– Michael, Purchasing Manager, Caverion (customer of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Denmark)


The implementation of the two systems helped Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Denmark increase revenue, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

There are currently more than 10.000 commercial vehicles connected and using MyVolkswagenFleet, and overall customer satisfaction has increased.

The collaboration with Connected Cars has been excellent throughout the entire process. They’ve been really good at listening to our needs and translating them into tools we can use to provide our customers with a better experience and increase revenue in the workshops.

– Lise Bülow, Head of After Sales, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Denmark

By using the workshop management system, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Denmark has experienced a significant growth in revenue, with up to 86% revenue boost for cars seven years and older.

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