Green & The City

What about nature?

As a child I had the chance to grow up in a quiet and peaceful Athenian suburb. It is located near the sea and it combines both fun activities and relaxation. What I love most about this place is the fact that nature elements are present while in other parts of Athens where their presence is ittle to none due to humans rush to build.

So I was thinking the other day that I couldn’t really picture myself living in a place where nature is almost or totally eclipsed and that having any form of it is very important to me for various reasons most of which are hard to express as they are connected with feelings. Following that realization, I started thinking whether it is only important to me individually or it is a feeling that represents most people. Is it really important for a city to be ‘’Green’’? And if so, how come most cities have distanced theirselves from nature?

The question that rises is whether or not humans have come to evolve in a way that doesn’t consider nature to be a vital part of their lives. When you ask people what is the most important thing in a city and what a city must have in order to be sustainable, the answer often doesn’t contain nature, parks, and trees. Having a sustainable city though means being able to have a good life. We can all certainly agree that the term “good life” includes all those things and this has been proven by all the years of pollution that have hurt the health of humans exposed to it. Knowing that, we can also add that not only it is good for our physical health but also our psychology. No one can argue that a colorful, tree-filled and flowery environment can be soothing. Even though I know there are a lot more reasons why having a greener city can be beneficial I believe those two should be more than enough to get us motivated.

Cities should be altered from a chaotic and full of stress into a more relaxing and nature friendly enviroment. That, in my opinion would be the start for the whole human race to be released from the stressful society that himself has created and move on to the next level of self awareness, self respect and evolution.

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