The world needs to see China with open eyes

1- 2 questions to Jacques Attali 2- revisiting 2020 forecasts around Jack Ma’s fate and a plea for a Climate Reconstruction Bank

Frederic Guarino
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Jacques Attali is a rare voice on the global landscape: special Adviser to French President Mitterrand for 10 years; founder of 4 international institutions: Action contre la faim, EUREKA, BERD and Positive Planet; his more than 80 books are available in 22 languages have sold 9 million copies worldwide.

His 1990 book Lignes d’Horizon (Millennium in the English version) famously served as an inspiration for Sun Microsystem’s Java programming language.

Attali is a columnist for French daily Les Echos and on He recently turned his keen eye towards the West’s often self defeating analysis of China, highlighting the fact that its weaknesses, especially during COVID, are too easily brushed off.

I reached out to Jacques Attali this week to engage in an email conversation that I’m pleased to share with you: