Occupying Reality

Rushkoff uses a specific analogical approach to dissecting and examining the reality of modern-day capitalism. He compares the functionality of corporate america to that of an operating system. He brings to light the development and the continuation of a corrupt system. That operating system being standardized currency. We are no longer trading sheep for chickens, but are now using bills created by a higher more elite organization to keep its users in debt.

As we know, operating systems also have software that are attachments to the bigger operating system, if you will. The operating system that is central currency has software that is the corporations. We are enslaved to corporations. Capitalism doesn’t work unless we are condemned to work for the elite.

We need to understand that this formation of our economy was created in a time where the interconnectedness of our species was nothing compared to today. The creation of the internet and our current society can’t function under the control of a single currency. We need to have an ecconomy where we can create our own value. An economy that thrives on individual evaluation of value and more importantly exchange, a concept better explained by Karl Marx. I would argue, Douglas Rushkoff is the Karl Marx of the modern day.

Question to Douglas:

Question: How do we make the transition from standardized currency to individual exchanged rates?

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