Wheres Anyone¿

“Gina is the girl who is everywhere at once, yet-ultimately- nowhere at all”

As shown on the left, these teenagers are connecting with each other via Skype. they are all seeing each other over the internet rather than going to each others house. However as shown one of them does not have their video on. Leading everyone else to wonder, who is this person who was able to enter our chat¿

That picture was from the Movie “Unfriended” and these friends have Skype calls often to talk with each other about their day. Rather than telling you about what the movie is about its better to go see it yourself however this move can relate very much to Douglas Rushkoff’s book “Program or be Programmed”.

In the chapter “Live in Person” Rushkoff mentions this girl named Gina, she is “the girl who is everywhere at once, yet-ultimately- nowhere at all” and that is all of those teenagers. All of them can meet up at someones house and see each other in person, however they chose to see each other on Skype. Not only them but the person who is after all of them is nowhere and everywhere at the same time. They appear to be behind a computer listening to their conversation, however they are also in each and everyone's houses.

However “Unfriended” isn't the only one to have this theme. The popular TV show “Pretty Little Liars” also deals with this theme. The main characters spend alot of their time gossiping with each other over the phone. Then there is this mysterious character A who is everywhere yet nowhere at all, who communicates with them via text. No matter how hard they try to catch A they can never seem to get him. However they know that he watches their every move.

From both of these examples it seems that this is a new way of crime. People use social media and technology to be everywhere yet nowhere at all.

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