Invitation to explore SiliconBRICS in Paris

On november 14 2017, Connectx will rise the green light of the global map of the Tech world .

The Sillicon Brics is invited to take up the road of an incredible night around the Emerging Tech and the Frugal Innovation.

From the inspirational and highly talented speakers as Gilles Babinet ( Digital Champion EU), Laura Medji ( CTO Tractor), Thameur Hemdane ( CEO Afrikwity) or Bertier Luyt ( CEO Techstars) to , academics, investors, innovators, let bring together sinergical energy to make this meeting a witness of the emerging World.

Our Goal is to connect entrepreneurs, scientist , Business executives , CEOs , academic and innovators in emerging market in the same building the MEDEF in paris France.

The quality and number of innovation developped in the emerging market is increasing , and the principal caraacteristics of these tools is the affordability of the products.

As Navi Radjou said « the frugale innovation makes high TECH more affordable to people ». As a result it is not only a huge business market that worth the discussion but it is more likely to be an efficient tools that could create synergy between the emerging and developping countries to make the world a better place.

The Frugale revolution is not only led by innovative entrepreneurs but also local companies, demand in the market and the collaboration. Following the principal topics the connectx summit is the meeting of innovative and talented brain around an impacting field.

We are looking forward to see the SiliconBrics at the connectx summit on november 14, 2017 in Paris, France.

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Best regard

Bacely YoroBI, founder & CEO ConnectXglobal

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