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A New Chapter in Crosschain Innovation

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Today, we are thrilled to announce the airdrop eligibility criteria, timeline, and details of NEXT, the governance and utility token of the Connext network.

In addition to being a huge step forward for the decentralization of the Connext ecosystem, the NEXT distribution will also be a first-of-its-kind crosschain airdrop, which we believe is how all airdrops will be conducted in the interchain future. Users can claim NEXT on the chain of their choice without needing to interact with a bridge or pay unnecessary gas fees.


  • Beginning on September 05, 2023 at 13:00 UTC, users can claim NEXT directly to Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, or Gnosis Chain.
  • Updated snapshots for the airdrop were taken on August 1st, 2023 at 00:00 UTC. Users can verify their eligibility at
  • As part of our transition into a DAO, we’ve also opened our call for delegates. If you’d like to take a more active role in our community and its governance, apply by September 03, 2023, 00:00 UTC. Users will have the opportunity to select a delegate during the claim process.

Check NEXT addresses on the different chains:

Please visit our docs if you’d like to learn more about the eligibility criteria, NEXT allocation, Sybil filtering, and other airdrop details.

What is Connext?

Connext is an open protocol that allows developers to build applications that can live on every chain and be used with every token, all at once. Since its creation in 2017, the project’s mission has been to make Web3 accessible to everyday users by abstracting away the complexity of interacting with underlying blockchains.

Today, Connext is an open, thriving ecosystem of builders, researchers, and web3 enthusiasts across a multitude of independent organizations working together to redefine crosschain experiences through public goods and open standards.

Connext is more than a bridge; it is a growing ecosystem of primitives that builders can seamlessly and permissionlessly compose to create groundbreaking apps and experiences.

  • xCall: the core crosschain primitive that enables any kind of expressive crosschain interaction, using underlying canonical bridges for security.
  • Chain Abstraction Toolkit: allows users to interact with a dApp from any chain, allowing projects to onboard users to and from any ecosystem
  • xERC20 and its implementation via Connext: a new open standard that will enable tokens to move across chains with zero slippage while remaining compatible with any other bridge and without taking ownership of the token contract from token issuers.
  • xGovernance: a no-code toolkit for crosschain DAOs (coming soon!)

Leading projects such as Metamask, Alchemix, Gelato, Superfluid, Keep3r, Gnosis Zodiac, and many more are integrating Connext to build the next generation of dApps that are usable from any chain with Chain Abstraction, and that support seamless liquidity using xERC20s.

What’s NEXT

NEXT, the Connext network xERC20 (crosschain native) token powers fair utilization and governance within the Connext network. At launch, NEXT is used to govern the Connext DAO, an organization responsible for allocating funding for the ongoing development of the protocol.

True decentralization and permissionless operation of the Connext protocol are achieved by ossifying repeatable governance processes and enshrining them directly into the underlying protocol. This process is called ungovernance.

In the future, NEXT can additionally be used to ungovern the network by making activities such as routing, chain support, and token listing permissionless via NEXT staking, subject to DAO approval.


The high level allocations of NEXT are as follows:

Supply Schedule

Allocations of NEXT to the following categories of recipients are subject to a lockup period:

  • Early Backers
  • Ecosystem & Strategic Backers
  • Early Team & Advisors
  • 50% of tokens allocated to Routers as part of the Airdrop (2% of the total supply)

The lockup period consists of a 1-year lockup followed by a linear release. In other words, 1/13 of the tokens will be released on September 5th, 2024, and remaining tokens will unlock in equal monthly 1/13 allotments until all tokens are fully unlocked (24 months after the NEXT Airdrop).

Community & Governance

Today, Connext also published its DAO Constitution and Call for Delegates. As you check your eligibility, consider applying to be a delegate if you want to take an active role in the Connext community and governance.

Applications will remain open until September 3, 2023 at 00:00 UTC. Users will have the opportunity to select the delegate of their choice during the claiming process.

You can apply to be a delegate at

Stay Diligent

While we as a community are incredibly excited about this new phase of a more decentralized Connext, please be vigilant to ensure you’re not falling victim to scams involving false distributions of NEXT. Here are several guidelines to help keep you safe.

  • is the only URL where you can check your eligibility and claim NEXT. Always ensure you’re personally typing the URL instead of clicking on links that may be malicious.
  • The NEXT token contract on Ethereum is 0xFE67A4450907459c3e1FFf623aA927dD4e28c67a. The token contract address on L2s is 0x58b9cB810A68a7f3e1E4f8Cb45D1B9B3c79705E8. Always be sure to check the contract address against the official documentation before interacting with it.
  • Always be sure to check the contract address before interacting with it.
  • We will never ask for your private key or seed phrase.
  • We will never ask you to send us tokens or funds.
  • There will be no surprise giveaways or other distributions of NEXT.
  • Team members, admins, and mods will never DM you first.
    Stay vigilant about imposters pretending to be team members or official accounts.
  • NEXT tokens are not listed on exchanges and cannot be purchased at this time. Please stay careful about individuals trying to sell tokens to you.
  • Please report suspicious activity in the Discord channel #❗-scam-reporting.

Unfortunately, no list of this sort can be completely comprehensive. Always do your due diligence before acting. When in doubt, open a support ticket on our Discord at

Join Us

We’re super excited that you’re a part of our amazing journey. Join us on Discord to get the latest updates and opportunities:

Thank you for your continued support and involvement! Together, we’re building the future of decentralized networks. 🌐

About Connext

Connext is a network for fast, trustless communication between chains and rollups. It is the only interoperability system of its kind that does so cheaply and quickly without introducing any new trust assumptions. Connext is aimed at developers looking to build bridges and other natively cross-chain applications.



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