Inverter x Connext: Payment Orders that can Flow Crosschain

Inverter has partnered with Connext, unlocking Chain Abstracted Project Funding and ubiquitous payments

Massimo Lomuscio
4 min readJun 13, 2023


What is the Inverter Protocol?

Inverter Protocol is a versatile infrastructure solution that enables customized smart contract processes to allocate resources based on specific conditions. It forms a foundational part of the broader blockchain ecosystem.

At its core, Inverter facilitates the use of audited contract modules on its orchestrator contract which can be customized to automate workflows. This system allows for the integration of prominent web3 technology into the Inverter Protocol’s Module Library, allowing for endless use-cases.

Organizations and decentralized applications can use Inverter’s module library as a plug-and-play solution to implement smart contract capabilities.

How Can I Use Inverter Protocol?

Like Connext, Inverter provides a ground to build applications that address a heap of use cases. By orchestrating an open library of tested & audited modules, Inverter allows organizations to deploy their business cases into smart contracts easily. This way builders can efficiently manage complex interactions without worrying too much about the complex, tiring, and risky smart contract development processes. By offering a set of tested plug-n-play modules and customizable workflow templates, builders can easily deploy for use cases ranging from subscription-based products to content management systems, from treasury management tools to DeFi protocols.

What does the integration enable?

The integration enables new multichain workflows and expands the modularity of the Inverter Protocol, offering cross-chain capabilities on day one for projects.

The first key features will unlock the flow of funds into two main directions to facilitate the funding of projects and processing payment orders:

  1. Inflow — Chain Abstracted Project Funding: using Connext’s Chain Abstraction Toolkit, users will be able to effortlessly fund and invest in projects from any chain, enhancing operational efficiency and expanding the market reach for existing projects.
  2. Outflow — ubiquitous payments: with a new cross-chain Payment Processing Module, funds can be sent to any supported chain to satisfy various needs such as:
  • employee compensation, allowing users to receive payments on their preferred chain while simplifying accounting from the employer perspective (as all funds would actually be on a single chain);
  • DAO cooperation, with DAO-to-DAO payments for organizations that don’t “live” on the same chain

Why Connext?

“Inverter chose Connext as our partner because it aligns perfectly with our mission to empower and simplify blockchain project development”, said Ataberk Casur, Inverter’s co-founder.
“We both strive to abstract the complexities involved in interacting with blockchains, an essential requirement for achieving real-world adoption.

Notably, Connext ensures the highest security standards for crosschain interactions: by integrating Connext’s chain abstraction toolkit and library of modules, Inverter can enable applications to become cross chain on day one.”


The full roadmap includes a deeper integration into the Inverter architecture:

  • Integrating Connext into Inverter’s SDK, enabling cross-chain deposits and workflow deployment for new integrators
  • Smart Contract Mixin: embedding Connext’s cross-chain capabilities directly into a module as a smart contract mixin. It will monitor the state of contracts deployed on a chain and carry out logic based on that state, then convey a cross-chain message to a proposal, executing the logic on another chain.
  • Integration of Cross-chain Tokens: As the system matures, the implementation of xTokens presents a novel form of value exchange and enormous potential for building more efficient and adaptable decentralized systems.

The integration of Connext with Inverter Protocol promises significant forward momentum for both entities and the broader blockchain ecosystem, and we are excited to see the innovations that lie on the horizon.

Inverter is providing hands-on support to early adopters that are looking to power their projects with extendable smart contract functionalities and integrated cross-chain capabilities.
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About Inverter

Inverter Protocol is your plug-and-play solution for blockchain project development. With customizable smart contract modules and seamless web3 integration, it simplifies project building and expands your capabilities, making blockchain integration effortless and efficient.

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About Connext

Connext is a network for fast, trustless communication between chains and rollups. It is the only interoperability system of its type that does this cheaply and quickly without introducing any new trust assumptions. Connext is aimed at developers who are looking to build bridges and other natively cross-chain applications. To date, over $1.5b in transactions have crossed the network.

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