The One Where Life Time Partners with Apple

Credits (This was a BIG team effort)

Creative Directors: Ryan Neubauer, Derek Wallen, Jack Fahden
Designers: Connor Blacksher, Ali Rich, Justin Turner
Writers: Andrea Raab, Emily Ewen
Project Managers: Courtney Madson, Heather Welter
Animation: Casey Burres

Background: Life Time Digital

Okay. Before I get too far into this. This was a mammoth project that got done somehow over the course of 2ish, maybe 2.5ish weeks. Even looking back at it now my eyes start to hurt a little thinking of the late nights and continual reviews. As the saying goes, “don’t be sad that it happened, be glad that it’s over.” Or something to that degree.

My part of this project initially started, as an exploration of what Life Time Digital could look like. Derek had already knocked out the branding and I got brought in to visualize how the branding could look applied to that page.

These lil’ buds were going to be scrapped so dang quickly.

After this exploration, we presented, got the go-ahead on the right one, and then things just kinda stopped.

“Hey, so don’t say this too loudly”

The abrupt pause in the project was due to some fairly high-profile dealings that were currently happening. When this all got picked up it was an unusually large meeting to re-kick everything off. During the meeting  got brought up. “So, the contracts are still being negotiated, but Apple Fitness+ is going to potentially be included with every membership.”


With this new information, everything was shifting. By “shifting” I mean almost entirely re-done. Coolcoolcool.jpg.

Note: I’m going to do my best to cover the entirety of this effort, but I will be focusing on my part re: Life Time Digital. So many things were happening and I definitely can’t do the justice that all of these components deserve.

Life Time Digital With Apple Fitness+ Included

I think the biggest thing I glazed over with the prior meetings and kickoffs etc. was the deadline. We were going to be launching this in 2 weeks. Our entire process of reviews, revisions, approvals, all of it, was about to be truncated to just a few days.

Everything is fine.

Once I had enough information I jumped straight into wiring out options for the page with Andrea. Move fast. Get ideas to a point where they make sense. Run them by the team. It’s legitimately the cadence that I love to work at. I continually go back to a project at MCAD where we were tasked with 100 logo sketches. The purpose of it was to iterate and forget preciousness, and now I can’t shake that process of turning stones over to find the right solution.

Chunking out the page

Ok, now put stuff in it

We made a wire that worked. Now this is the part where Andrea did a ton of the heavy lifting. Design and laying things out is great and all, but have you heard about succinct and effective copywriting? The story for the whole page started unfolding: A cool digital membership that HAS APPLE FITNESS+ INCLUDED, the expertise and knowledge from Life Time, and the option to ladder this all up into a club membership as well. You can’t lose.

While this was all happening and being reviewed, I was working on storyboarding a looping video for the top of the page. We needed something that was exciting and showcased some of the branding that Derek had worked on. Also needed to somewhat heavily note that this was a mobile experience.

It’s just 8 rectangles, but they turn into something far greater.

After compiling these storyboards and some inspo, I hopped on a call with Casey (animator) to start talking through how this would look. I’m sure that if any animator is reading this, or talked to Casey, I probably filled out a bingo card with descriptors for it: “Give it energy”, “I want it to be dynamic”, “Please come for a walk with me I’m so lonely right now.” At the end of it all we ended up with something really foxy.

Let’s launch this!

I’ll let you assume that some time has passed between these paragraphs. Not a lot of time mind you, but a chunk of time. We’ve gone through the reviews. Everyone with 2–3 letters in their title as an acronym has looked at it and chimed it. The copy docs have been prepped. We did it.

I already have all my mockup energy on this page, so I’m just going to say view the live page. It’s great, I’m proud of every single person that worked on this and floored that it all worked out so smoothly.

Go peep it.



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