Attention Seeking Pediatrician’s Rant Resurfaces to Reveal Startling Ignorance

A California pediatrician, jumping on the measles hysteria bandwagon during the 2015 outbreaks, posted a Facebook rant declaring his policy that all patients be fully vaccinated — or kicked out of his practice. Charmingly and compassionately, he wrote, “If you will not vaccinate then you will leave my practice. I will file a CPS (Child Protective Services) report (not that they will do anything) for medical neglect, too…I will not have measles-shedding children sitting in my waiting room…In short, I have patients who have true special needs and true health issues who could suffer severe injury or death because of your magical belief that your kid is somehow more special than other children and that what’s good for other children is not good for yours.”

Timed to coincide with Big Pharma’s push to mandate all vaccines from cradle to grave for the entire Western world, this rant has resurfaced and is making the rounds again. This time around, an army of remarkably educated parents are armed with studies and data to refute this doctor’s asinine premise, but it’s worth noting just how startlingly ignorant he reveals himself to be. And it requires no data or studies to illustrate this. It is patently obvious that he’s actually the one who subscribes to some “magical belief” that a vaccine somehow encloses a child within some sort of forcefield in order that any “scary” bacteria or virus like pertussis or measles just bounces off and runs away. I’d run screaming in horror if this guy was my doctor, and any parent is better off being “fired” from his clinic. It’s like he’s gotten his lessons in immunity from some 1950’s propaganda kid cartoon on vaccines.

First off, being vaccinated does not put a forcefield around anyone. If vaccine theory was sound, what the vaccine would do is cause your body to produce antibodies to the antigen when injected, in hopes that when you then are exposed to the wild virus or bacteria, your body would already know how to mount a defense. But the virus or bacteria could still infect you, and you could still be a carrier, and you could still infect others around you.

In the case of absurdly ineffective vaccines like the DTaP, the vaccinated not only get infected by the pertussis bacteria, but they are the ones contracting the illness over and over again — and spreading it through the population. Almost 90% of the pediatric Whooping Cough cases in California’s recent outbreaks were vaccinated. The CDC even predicts larger and larger outbreaks due to the vaccinated — not the unvaccinated — since the vaccine can’t program the immune system to properly respond to the adenylate cyclase toxin secreted by the pertussis bacteria.

The problem is that vaccine theory is based on a very partial and outdated understanding of the immune system, and it ONLY measures level of antibodies produced in someone’s blood. It never accounted for and still hasn’t incorporated our understanding of complex cellular immunity, nor does it even touch on our ever growing understanding of the human microbiome and the relationship between the gut flora balance and a healthy immune system. Vaccine science is based on an antiquated and absurdly half-baked theory — which is why vaccinated children with a far greater level of antibodies supposedly required to achieve “immunity” get the disease, and why some folks with even no antibodies specific to the disease are immune. It’s admittedly junk science, but this doctor is so ignorant, he doesn’t even understand the junk science.

Finally, his quote, “I will not have measles shedding children sitting in my waiting room” is just too good to be true. The recently vaccinated actually SHED the virus:

I’m not a doctor, and none of my information is intended to substitute for medical advice, but I sure wouldn’t take any medical advice from the ignorant doctors “firing” their patients who don’t comply with the CDC’s recommended vaccine schedule. They’re the ones basing their policies on magical thinking, not science.

And speaking of the CDC’s recommended schedule, it’s become quite a doozy: