Hofer should be the next president of Austria — but radical globalists may have other ideas

Austria: still more electoral fraud?

The government says they need time to print new envelopes. We think they are stalling until the left-leaning student population is back from vacation.

The Connor Post was maybe the first English news outlet to report on voter fraud in the Austrian Presidential elections in May. That’s when the populist Norbert Hofer (FPÖ ), who had been leading in the vote count for President, suddenly found he had ‘lost’ the election after they counted postal ballots during the night.

Of course everyone in the MSM was quick to congratulate the globalist candidate Van der Bellen (Greens) on winning the election, ‘miraculous’ as it was. But after a protracted examination, the Austrian high court found so many problems with the way the election had been conducted that the results were overturned, and the election would have to be rerun.

Austria had officially entered the realm of Banana Republic.

Fast forward to today, with less than a month to go before the election, and the same naughty polls from Gallup/Östereich that showed Norbert Hofer (Austria’s version of Trump) winning the first time, show him winning again.

And suddenly the headlines:

After so many shenanigans in the last election, one might wonder why the normally competent Austrians might have to delay the vote so unexpectedly. Could it be that the establishment realizes they are going to lose and they are casting around desperately for a way to manipulate the elections?

One fairly obvious possibility is that in such a tight vote, having the left-leaning student population back in town to not only vote, but campaign, could really increase Van der Bellen’s chances. Maybe even having students subjected to the influence of their peers and their left-wing professors instead of the influence of their families and local communities might have an effect.

In the first, overturned vote, a majority of voters in the large cities voted for the globalist establishment candidate Van der Bellen. A majority of students as well. Hofer won most every other category and region.

Another reason the globalists might want to try to push the vote back is that neighboring Hungary would be holding a referendum on immigration on the same day as the rerun of Austria’s presidential election. It was certain that issues like immigration were going to be very much in the news.

Hofer is a localist and believes in curtailing mass immigration. Van der Bellen is a globalist and believes in open borders. Hofer wants to put the interest of Austrians first, Van der Bellen wants to put other people's interests first. Having immigration in the news might make people just a little bit more inclined to vote for Hofer.

If you wanted to make an analogy with America: you could say Hofer shares many of the same values as Trump, while Van der Bellen shares many of the same values as Clinton. By the same token, as it becomes more obvious how unelectable sick Hillary is, you may also expect the US government to suggest having the ‘presidential election postponed due to faulty glue’ on the postal ballots.

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