The 10 Best Pro-Trump Websites in September 2017

Has the MSM got you down? These sites will cheer you up!

Just the other day a friend said that besides Drudge, Connor Post and a couple other sites, the coverage on Trump is just so negative. I admitted there was some truth in his words. And lately it seems like Drudge has gone off the reservation!

With that in mind, I ask, “Is the lame stream media and Deep State making you blue?” There are a few good sites out there to offer a more balanced perspective on our dear God Emperor Trump. Besides the Connor Post, here are ten other great sites to warm your hearts.

They also happen to offer some of the best reporting and most balanced coverage out there. Which means they are generally favorable of his administration, but will take him to task when he goes astray.

In no particular order:

Gab is the Twitter alternative, and if you like Trump, you’ll feel at home here. Sign up and just look for #MAGA tags.

Zero Hedge isn’t exactly pro-Trump. They’re more pro-Trumpism, and naturally understand that limiting mass migration, taxes and regulations all seem like pretty good ideas. They do some great reporting.

Breitbart is legendary. They’re a fantastic news outlet. On every level. And of course Bannon and Gorka are all in the ring for Trump.

People will say that Infowars is sometimes out there. We say they are a great news outlet that is willing to hit a lot of topics that other news outlets won’t, but should be. They have stuck by Trump (and Ron Paul) through thick and thin.

Not a site I would have first thought of as pro-Trump, or even political. Great coverage of political news with emphasis on health freedom, vaccine industry, big pharma, deep state shenanigans, freedom and Trumpism.

Taki’s offers the best writing on the right. Kind of like The New Yorker for conservatives. Steve Sailer, Jim Goad, Taki, Massie, and a bunch of others that really are just a pleasure to read.

The GWP is Jim Hoft’s blog and news outlet. Great when you need some positive vibes and cutting edge reporting.

I never know whether they are The Last Refuge or The Conservative Treehouse. People seem to call them both. Either way, they’ve got fantastic writing and perspectives. In-depth analysis that you won’t find anywhere else, as well as a good community.

I wouldn’t really say that Scott Adam’s blog is a pro-Trump news outlet per se, but he appreciates Trump’s power of persuasion and came out early to say that Trump had a good chance to win. Most importantly, he understands Trump’s skill stack, and offers some great analysis of what Trump is doing and why and how he is doing it.

VDARE is interested in controlling immigration and putting America first. They’ve had an immensely positive influence on everyone from Ann Coulter to Pat Buchanan and moved early to the Trump camp. As long as Trump sticks to his campaign promises on immigration, they’ll likely stick with Trump.

Connor Post is the best conservative news aggregator, bar none. Please do:

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