Exactly when did a hard left Macron become a centrist?

When did a patriotic Le Pen become far right?

For those of you lucky enough to get NPR on your radios (or maybe the BBC or DW if you live in the UK or Germany) you’ve had ample access to the unbiased reporting on the French elections. Lucky you.

Just imagine if you were a Martian landing on Earth for the first time and you were trying to understand the French elections heading into the second round.

You would have to be forgiven for noticing that the (cute, soft and fuzzy) centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron was up until recently the socialist economics minister under the failing government of François Hollande. A socialist government, hard left by any standards. With approval ratings dipping at times as low as 4%, failing by any standards. Centrist by none, unless you think 4% of anything can be centrist.

You would also be forgiven for thinking that the myriad social programs proposed by the (unpleasant, mean spirited and nasty) far right candidate Marine Le Pen were anything but the standard socialistic fair that Europe has toyed with since the end of the war. And that she also seems to be very patriotic. In fact, visibly more patriotic than the ex-Rothschild investment banker Macron.

When exactly love of country became anything but mainstream, and well, centrist, is unclear. Patriotism was certainly the norm throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Bad decisions were sometimes made, but love of country never in question. Strange, huh?!

Like Alice in Wonderland. Up is down and down is up.

So I just want to give a shout-out to all the various state-sponsored public broadcasters like NPR, the BBC and Deutsche Welle for explaining to us on a regular basis why Rothschild bankers have become the standard bearers, and patriots a scourge. Thank you. Without you we would be like ships lost at sea, shrouded in ignorance of the outside world. You have guided us. Vive la globalisme!

And may I sincerely wish that you all, within the next ten years, be absolutely and fully defunded.

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