Just a normal day passing out the Koran in downtown Hamburg

Hamburg is cracking down on the distribution of Korans

According to the Hamburger Abendblatt, Hamburg police together with the Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Verfassungsschutz) have been able to stop the Salafists in Hamburg from passing out Korans at their weekly stands.

It is a big step on the one hand. Those stands were obnoxious and anyone with two unmedicated brain cells to rub together could see what was going on.

The stands were used as a means by Salafists to recruit young Muslims for extremist Islam. Apparently there are a lot of IS Jihadis in Hamburg. Funny, because I always thought the North Germans were more of the upright, bedrock-of-their-communities types. Wonder how it happens.

Authorities say they were not able to address the problem until now because they weren’t able to clearly show that these people had terrorist links, and they took pains to say that Koran distribution is A-OK, just not if you’re a bad guy.

I’m guessing the AfD would be willing to take a slightly more holistic approach which takes into account the benefits of having a large radical Salafist community in Hamburg in the first place.

Apparently there are some 621 radical Salafists in Hamburg alone. Presumably they are all being watched at great expense. This massive effort to get rid of the Koran stands (from baddies, but not goodies) also has the air of having been a pretty expensive project, what with the police and Verfassungsschutz.

So if you are a German taxpayer in Hamburg hearing about this all, you probably feel poorer. The question is, do you feel safer?

& beyond all that, please do:

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