He just said what everyone is already thinking — the election might be rigged

For those with lingering doubts

The corrupt and establishment-controlled mainstream media just came out with a series of articles feigning surprise that Trump would suggest the elections might be rigged.

How dare he suggest that America could be so corrupt.

But of course he’s just saying what bloggers and the non-mainstream media have been saying for months. Already back in March we ran a story on DNC machinations to steal the primary election for Hillary. And what was obvious then has now been confirmed by Wikileaks. The DNC: totally corrupt.

As to the RNC, it’s hard to say if they are much better. Colorado is now legendary for giving their delegates to Cruz based on elections that were never held. And that was just one example of many this primary season.

Having worked with the GOP at the state level to get Rand Paul elected, it is crystal clear that the private corporations known as the DNC and GOP don’t play fair. Any Rand Paul supporter knows that, and now, any Bernie Sanders supporter knows it as well.

If Trump hadn’t won with crushing majorities, he would never have gotten the GOP nomination.

And it is not just the GOP and the DNC that are steeped in corruption. As the Atlantic just reported, “A federal district court struck down a series of voting restrictions in Wisconsin on Friday, marking the third major victory for voting-rights advocates this month.”

Protecting voter rights and preventing disenfranchisement sounds nice, but what it really means is that liberal judges have said they don’t want voting to be in any way restrictive. Better 1000 illegals vote twice than one disenfranchised homeless person without ID or an old Chinese American women might lose the opportunity to vote. Or vote twice! With the Democratic Party machine it is all about quantity, not quality. And most importantly, winning elections.

Hence Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration act and the DNC gambit to fundamentally change the demographics of the US so they could win elections for evermore. By changing the demographics of the US, they would never have to win an argument. Since third world immigrants essentially block-vote Democrat, changing the demographics of the US would suffice to win and hold power. Anything to win power.

And the Clintons? Would they be involved in anything corrupt? Enough has been said and written about the Clintons and corruption. I don’t think there are many people left who don’t think they are dishonest at the least, totally corrupt at the worst.

What I will add is how amazed I was to learn about the speaker’s fees they’ve received. Hillary, $21 million, in two years, all from banks? Come on. Bill, $200 million in speaker’s fees since he left office, from some of the most corrupt and backwards governments in the world? Speeches in Nigeria at $700,000 a pop? What he was telling them must have been music to their ears.

I used to think money laundering or taking bribes was a difficult process. You had to open restaurants, laundromats, gambling joints. Apparently, if you give private speeches to banks or organizations abroad, large amounts of money changing hands will not be questioned.

I won’t say Clinton Cash is a great documentary, but it certainly makes it clear that the Clintons have been receiving hundreds of millions of dollars under very questionable circumstances. Banana republic stuff, really.

Rigging elections isn’t that hard. Look what just happened in Austria. The only thing surprising about what happened in Austria is that the election actually got overturned. In America I can imagine an election being rigged, but not overturned.

2016 is the year that Americans have started to see that their elections are rigged. The only way there will be remotely fair elections is if there is laser-like scrutiny of the election process. Trump is smart to start driving that point home now.

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