As much as I like Trump, I feel I need to point something out.

Hilary Clinton did not lose to Donald Trump but rather lost, again, to Barack Obama. She ran a campaign promising to be Obama’s third term but nobody liked his policies in his first two terms. They only liked him: good-looking, charismatic, black (or half black), and young.

Hilary was none of these things and that left her sailing with his unlovable policies. In ten years nobody will remember Obama for anything he did, just what he was: black (or half-black).

The other coat-tail she was riding belonged to her husband Bill Clinton. He was once a popular, attractive, charismatic politician. But now he resembles a geriatric patient with Parkinson’s disease, who spends his time trying to keep his mouth closed.

He also carried all of his sordid sex scandals with him, which hindered her trying to ride the moral high-ground. This left Hilary with only one asset: her XX chromosomes. And this was not enough to overcome decades of scandals and a personality that excited no one and repelled many.

If anything, she had anti-charisma: the more people saw of her the less they liked her. The Democrats thought Trump was a great opponent, a sure loser. Trump saw Clinton as an ideal foe, a complete dud, albeit with money and connections. After this election the Democrats must feel like the Republicans did after putting up Dole. Remember him?

I thought not.