It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

We’ve seen amazing things in such a short few weeks. Trump has won the GOP nomination, the German AfD had some fantastic election results, as did the FPÖ in Austria. And it was only recently that the Front National came in first in France, the SVP first in Switzerland and the PiS were swept into power with the most resounding victory in Poland.

Still, some days I admit the race to save our Western cultural heritage leaves me a little too much on the edge of my seat.

We’ve seen Trump rise out of nowhere, offering so many Americans hope that it is possible to elect someone who will actually put America first. And of course we look at the problems America has, the infrastructure in tatters, the borders a sieve, the economy a mess, and know a sickly and corrupt Clinton could yet win. Though I admit, it is hard to imagine people getting over the sound of her voice.

We see the rise of fantastic candidates like Marine Le Pen, Jimmie Åkesson and Frauke Petry winning ever more votes, but getting shut out of power by coalitions that serve the single purpose of maintaining an establishment grip on power. Although I believe for all kinds of reasons that this won’t last. The establishment figures often seem like so many foolish children sticking their fingers in the dam to prevent leaks. And with the likes of Merkel still in power, the leaks keep springing.

Left and right wing politicians all across Europe, particularly Eastern Europe, refuse to take the hordes of migrants that Merkel has thrust upon us, and she, with the help of Holland and Cameron, do their best to ram through open borders with Turkey and the third world. How badly history will remember them. Legacies aside, short-term allowing masses of third world Muslims to descend upon Europe will result in untold problems. Can you imagine the roles Merkel, Cameron and Hollande would have played at the Battle of Vienna? I wonder what side they would have fought for? Maybe like Sobieski, we will once again be saved by the Poles. And not to get complacent, but whether Tours or Vienna, we always seem to win.

We for the first time in history have achieved a general level of economic prosperity and social safety in our part of the world, and left wing extremists have collaborated to import hordes of third worlders, so that now from Stockholm to Berlin to Paris, you can’t go shopping without being accosted by beggars, you can’t go to public parks at night for fear of rape or abuse. In parts of Sweden women can’t go out alone at night at all, and apparently even a trip to IKEA might result in losing your head. Then there’s the laundry list of terrorist attacks. And yet those outward signs are actually what drives the Western peoples to appreciate their national identities, the beauty of their own cultures, and also drives them to the polls to vote for change. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

But you gotta love the fact that Trump has beat his last GOP opponent and Hillary is still tussling with Bernie. It can only drive establishment types berserk.

& beyond all that, please do:

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