Le Pen Loses Immunity Over Shameful Tweets

But the only thing shameful is the EU

I’m sure the EU technocrats were salivating over the chance to stick it to one of the populists in their midst. Especially one that is so vocal about questioning their mediocrity on such a regular basis. Of course they would have rather it was Farage, but Le Pen will do!

Yes, it was announced: Marine Le Pen’s parliamentary immunity will be stripped after tweeting pictures, widely available on Google or any other search engine, of the sinister nature of our enemies. And the lackeys of the globalist press couldn’t wait to chime in with pronouncements of shameful, violent, far right, extreme right, even, OMG, even… jail!

But really, is it any more shameful to tweet widely disseminated photos of the enemies we face, than widely distributed pictures of the war in Vietnam –the bodies of those killed, the children fleeing napalm?

No, really the only things that are shameful are the EU technocrats (and newspapers) that will do anything to attack those that would roll back their globalist agenda, or question their cushy, meaningless technocrat existences.

Even if it means going after European patriots, in lieu of the real enemy, Daesh.

Great job technocrats! Maybe for your next trick you vote yourselves a raise, or debate the merits of Sharia, or maybe you can even get Macron to come and give you a pep talk.

& beyond all that, please do:

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