Top Five French Presidential Candidates who appeared in the Marathon 3.5 hour debate on TF1

Marine Le Pen Dominates Globalists in First Debate

MSM spins it different

It was the first presidential debate of the season, and in a nation known for its style, the only thing vaguely interesting was Marine Le Pen and the odd circular stage.

At times a snoozefest, clocking in at a brutal 3 1/2 hours, it was hard to know who was worse. The good-looking and boyish Macron (formerly of the hard left Socialist Party (PS)), capable of speaking at great length without ever really saying anything, or the two other hard left candidates: big eared Benoit Hamon, currently of the singularly unpopular PS, or the far-left Jean-Luc Mélenchon of Unsubmissive France (La France insoumise).

Fillon was also there dressed in exactly the same blue suit/blue tie combination as Macron and Hamon. Whereas Macron is just a pretty boy Eurocrat, Fillon came across as a French bureaucrat. The kind of person you might play squash with, or have a pleasant conversation with if you ended up seated next to him at a dinner party. Someone who could probably talk to you at great length about French wine.

Macron just seems vapid and annoying — though it is easy to see why French yuppies and Europhiles might see in him one of their own. I’m sure Trudeau would like him. They’re probably already friends. Who knows? Maybe they even bunked together at some summer camp in Normandy when they were teens.

The two (other) socialists were as out there as you might expect from a country that riots or goes on strike every other day and elected someone like Hollande. (Remember Hollande? Current left wing Socialist president of France, approval rate somewhere around 3%.) The one from Unsubmissive France (great name for a hard left party of French Trotskyites) was at least wearing something different. Though it looked like some kind of trade union jacket or something.

Le Pen, in spite of reports to the contrary from the globalist press, seemed to be the only one with any fire in her belly when she spoke. Or for that matter any concern for the French, over, say, everyone else in the world.

She wasn’t quite Trump-like, but she gets points for having clear ideas and being willing to take some jabs at the others, e.g. she mentioned that she wasn’t exactly running to be Merkel’s Vice Chancellor, or quipped that Macron favored burkinis. She may have had the only good zingers of the whole somniferous Monday evening.

Everyone else just seemed to be on stage talking about tinkering with failing French programs or how far they will prostrate themselves before Merkel and/or the EU and/or the migrant hordes making their way towards France and/or the migrant hordes already in France. Everyone knows the problems France faces nowadays. To dance around the obvious is absurd. Le Pen’s message was a clear one of economic nationalism, stopping migration and putting the French first. In that sense, very Trump-like.

Le Pen, the only woman (and apparently, the only patriot) on stage, gets credit for conducting herself admirably, being funny, personable, and continuing to fight for her nation when a lesser woman would have said f*** it long ago.

But can you imagine if these other dead fish take over? It will just be François Hollande Part II. More strikes, more immigration, more unemployment, more terrorism. More mind-numbing technocracy.

I dread the thought.

If you want to watch the debate in full, blue suits, round stage and all in its glorious 3.5 hours, here it is:

If you want to watch a short 2.5 minute clip of Marine’s thoughts after the debate, it is very funny how she ribs Macron:

& beyond all that, please do:

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