MEASLES, MEASLES, MEASLES! Run for your lives!

Big Pharma works with complacent media to promote hysteria over nothing

The stories on an outbreak of measles among the Somali population in Minnesota just keep coming. Is it even a story that should concern us?

Back in 1969, several years after the measles vaccine was put on the market, the Brady Bunch did a show where they all caught measles. They all caught measles, and died long, painful, slow deaths. It was the last show.

No, that’s not really what happened. They all caught measles, and it was hilarious. They stayed home from school, played monopoly, and had a lot of fun. Jan even said memorably, “if you’re going to get sick, sure can’t beat the measles.” Funny, but not particularly scary.

Forrest Maready does a great breakdown of the episode. Definitely an eye opener.

The real story is the underreported skyrocketing rates of autism in the world, and particularly in the US, where we really like to vaccinate kids.

Some numbers to chew on:

*US autism rate in the 1970s = 3 in 10,000

*US autism rate today = 1 in 45

*Minneapolis Somali community autism rate today = 1 in 32

*Measles related deaths in US in 1963 = <1 in 500,000

Now we know how to treat measles with vitamin A, so it is extremely unlikely that someone in the first world will die from contracting measles. On the other hand, death by complication from vaccinations is something to be worried about. Contracting autism, a very real concern. (Don’t believe me, just read the possible side effects listed on the packaging of the various vaccines — the list is long.)

There are a lot of indications that blacks are even more susceptible to vaccine-related neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs) like ADHD and autism than whites. Maybe the Somalis in Minnesota just figured that with rates of autism among their children approaching 4% they needed to consider some other research. At the very least take their chances on something as innocuous as measles (or chicken pox or pertussis or mumps) over the risk of autism.

Wise choice.

The truth is, there are a lot of studies that suggest vaccinations have a role in the skyrocketing rates of autism. One newly released Jackson State study compares children that haven’t been vaccinated with children that have. Something the CDC refuses to do. The differences are startling.

Among the more concerning findings, vaccinated children had increased risks of autism (4.2 times), ADHD (4.2 times), learning disabilities (5.2 times), eczema (2.9 times), and an astounding 30 times the risk of allergic rhinitis compared to unvaccinated children.

You can read more in this brief article from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.; the article also links to the study. Note that children who were vaccinated were still susceptible to many of the diseases that they were vaccinated against!

On the other side of the argument, the CDC doesn’t know what causes autism, but they know damn sure it has NOTHING to do with vaccines.

How can they know this if they don’t know the cause? Who knows? Who cares? ’Cause “MEASLES, MEASLES, MEASLES! Run for your lives!”

And please don’t question whether the CDC is in bed with big pharma. They find such suggestions very annoying, and they will do their best to astroturf any and all opposition to their agenda. Just shut up, tell your children to bend over and take their shots.

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