Go Hill!

MSM & Medium implode over Trump

For the upteenth time this year Bay Area bloggers and the Main Stream Medium declare Trump toast.

Along with Google News’ ‘unbiased’ delivery of the news headlines this morning, I was of course not the least surprised to find a bunch of stories served to me on Medium reporting Trump’s imminent departure from the race.

Dave Pell mentions that “Trump’s candidacy was already over. This won’t change that.” And in another, even funnier bulleted list, he says, “Forget being elected President of the United States. Donald couldn’t even get elected president of the Trump Tower Co-op Board at this point.”

I guess bulleted lists are in.

The only thing with all these pronouncements, is that each time I have the same vague feeling that the people making them haven’t been paying much attention the last 10 or so months since Trump entered the race.

It is as if no one watched Trump demolish 16 other well known, well-funded candidates, much less almost weekly declarations that he’s gone too far and his candidacy must surely come to an end with this last gaffe, blunder, etc.

And all this with a Democratic candidate that some might suggest, was, well lacking in some respects. (I don’t think there is a Democrat out there that doesn’t secretly wish they had rather a Warren or a Sanders, a Carter or a Dukakis. Yes, even a Dukakis.)

The truth is, if you’re backing Clinton, you’ve probably decided you’re taking her, warts and all. You may not love her but you’ve decided she represents the lesser of two evils. The fact that Trump has backers who really like his candidacy is no more than an anomaly. No way Trump could win, that lamebrain. I don’t even know a single person voting for him, do you?

I mean, I could add a bunch of links to Goldman Sachs speeches and commentary on the Clinton foundation, links to the accusations of rape by Bill along with Hillary’s aggressive campaigns to discredit those baseless accusations and the hussies that made them, but everyone has seen all that by now. They don’t matter.

Though I will add a link to Gavin McInnes’ article on the Clinton body count, just because it is hilarious. And beyond that, we all know it is just baseless innuendo, right?

& beyond all that, please do:

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