Don’t underestimate Le Pen. She can still win.
Democrats for Trump

Now Is The Time For The Final Blow Against The Tyranny Of Neoliberalism…Together Le Pen🇫🇷, May🇬🇧, and Trump🇺🇸 Could Renew The West For A Generation If Not Further…No Country For Hollande🇫🇷Macron, Blair🇬🇧Cameron, or Clinton🇺🇸Bush Politics Anymore…The People De-Effete’d Can Never Be Defeated…Populists and Progressives…The Proletarians and the Sans Culottes Across All Three Nations Should Fight The Tendrils Of Globalism Together…Power To The Bold Audacious Common People of Common Destiny…A United Stand Against Neoliberalism Will Surely Triumph… Marine Is The Real Feminist Icon For Our Times…Vive Le Pen! Vive La France!🇫🇷

The Revolution Lives On 🇫🇷🇬🇧🇺🇸