People love Trump — nobody loves Hillary

Like a lot of you I’m listening to the pundits and watching the polls.

By listening, I mean in the sense that someone listens to the idle chatter of birds. By watching, I mean in the way one checks the weather report or looks up sports scores. It’s fun.

Glenn Greenwald pointed out that in spite of being for Hillary himself, it is almost embarrassing how overt most journalists are in their support of Hillary winning. Many have discussed whether there might be a Brexit effect, where people see the establishment as being a little too pushy telling them what to think and how to vote. Ultimately pushing them to get more than a little pissed off and doing the opposite of what they are told.

I see the shift back and forth as people digest the latest spin from the current news cycle. Is Hillary going to look in the camera like a swivel-eyed loon, cackle inappropriately, collapse on stage? Will Trump lose control and tell everyone they’re fired, finally get a little too heavy or ham-handed?

All these discussions are fine, and who doesn’t like poll watching or analyzing the persuasion technique of ads and candidates? But based on my personal experience, all this day-to-day analysis leaves out one thing.

Nobody likes Hillary. And lots of people love Donald Trump.

I’ve seen articles on an enthusiasm gap between the candidates, and polls pointing out that quite a large percentage of voters are voting against the other candidate. I get it.

But even if a large number of Democratic voters despise Trump, the conservative voters I know love Trump.

They are educated middle and upper class Americans, not subsets of rubes and hicks living in the hills. They admire and stand behind Trump. And the numbers of enthusiastic supporters that show up at rallies seem to mirror my observations.

Among my liberal friends and acquaintances––and there are many––I have yet to meet a single one that actually likes Hillary. She seems more unpopular than even John McCain was among GOP voters in 2008. I hear words used to describe Hillary like ‘dishonest’, ‘establishment’, ‘corrupt’.

One liberal 21 year old woman from California actually used the word ‘evil’. She averred, “Everyone in the Bay Area thinks that Hillary is evil.

Bernie supporters whom I know (even if they say they will vote for Hillary to stop Trump) hate her. The rest of Hillary supporters who I meet can’t muster any enthusiasm. If they get energetic, it is only in talking about Trump.

Scott Adams said a few days ago that “it seems to me that Trump supporters are planning for the world’s biggest party on election night whereas Clinton supporters seem to be preparing for a funeral.” And he lives in Berkeley.

We’ll see what happens when election days rolls around, but I can’t see Hillary voters braving much sleet or snow to get to the polls to cast their vote. I can’t even see them skipping a good TV program.

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