Plummeting Birth Rates of Native French

What the election is really about

I’m still floored by Steve Sailer’s excellent analysis of birth patterns in France based on analysis of testing for sickle-cell anemia. To quote his introduction:

Nobody seems to know exactly how fast France, the cultural heartland of the West over the past millennium, is being demographically transformed. But I have found a way to estimate the percentage of babies being born in France who are of non-European ancestry.

The long and short of it being that rates for children being born to non-white parents in France is at minimum:

2005: 25.6 percent
2010: 31.5 percent
2015: 38.9 percent
And Paris in 2015 was 73.4 percent, up from 54.2 percent just a decade earlier.

This is mirrored by plummeting birth rates all over Europe. The numbers are astonishing, and sadly similar in Germany and in the UK.

Globalists rags will herald that that Europeans have turned a demographic corner, but their vision for the future is dystopian at best.

Unfortunately, a lot of well-meaning people want to speak around the issue, rather than just saying that ethnic Europeans should be having larger families, and European governments should be bending over backwards to discriminate in favor of their native populations. What sane people in a sane world would probably call positive discrimination.

Unfortunately, positive discrimination in typical 1984 newspeak has come to mean some type of government enforced discrimination against whites.

The Connor Post recently linked a story dealing with the current demographic decline of Europeans in Europe. If You’re Reading This Essay, You Should Probably Being Having (More) Children. A nice essay that tends to vaguely dance around the issue. Europeans should drop more kids because they’re inventive, may be high IQ, and we’re really not all that bad. Maybe even good….

Great that they’re broaching a subject that in certain left wing milieus is simply not very PC (tres gauche!). Though we (openly) wonder if demographic increases will come without a clear declaration of the beauty of Europe and Western Civilization.

Fortunately there are candidates and institutions that openly support the peoples of Europe, that speak openly of the beauty of Western civilization. Political candidates they are willing to take heat by saying Europeans need to have more children, and start reversing the effects of non-European immigration. Support them and speak up for them. If you can vote for them.

And if your SJW friends whine about it, make new friends or avoid talking politics. It’s pretty simple.

& beyond all that, please do:

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