Schultzee is Gaining on Merkel

…but does it matter?

A lot has been said about the respective leaders of the CDU and SPD, but the reality is they are just two Globalists with not a cigaret paper’s width of difference between them.

Polls are pointing to a surging Schulz. Of course there a titter of excitement that the eternal chancellor might be dethroned after doing so much damage to Germany and Europe.

It is the same excitement people felt when Kerry was challenging Bush, who wasn’t so long in power, but quite disastrous. Would Kerry have been better than Bush? I doubt it. Will Schulz be any better than Merkel? I seriously doubt it.

Though Schulz might have the advantage that he isn’t quite so wed to Merkel’s migration policies. He’s maybe tacitly endorsed them, but his ego’s not in it; he doesn’t own them. It might make it easier for him to change course without losing face.

The other thing is that the CDU has been so disgustingly passive in the face of Merkel’s disastrous policies. In opposition they might grow some balls and fight for Germany. Maybe.

What also might be interesting is that when the CDU starts to lose a clear majority, people don’t have much reason to hold back on voting for the AfD. Regardless of the results, presently it looks like voters are faced with another grand coalition and a much stronger AfD as the only true opposition.

That’s a lot of mights and maybes.

Change is coming. We’ll see if it is this election cycle. France and Holland vote before Germany, and a change in government can only be a good influence. Before Trump, Wilders and Le Pen had good odds, but after Trump, quite a bit better.

Steve Sailer’s excellent analysis of birth patterns in France points to non-white birth rates in France:

2005: 25.6 percent
2010: 31.5 percent
2015: 38.9 percent

And Paris in 2015 was 73.4 percent, up from 54.2 percent just a decade earlier.

Germany’s Muslim demographic future also would make you catch your breath.

Soeren Kern points out in an article from the Gatestone Institute that “more than a decade ago historian Bernard Lewis warned that if current migration trends continue, Europe will be Islamic by the end of the 21st century. Germany’s political elites are at the vanguard of making that prediction come true.”

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