So, you want to have a family, huh?

(Cheat sheet II for women who are having trouble meeting the right guys)

Based on the number of reads the last post received: So, you want to have some kids, huh? –– it seems worth digging a little deeper.

The long of the short of the last article was that I’ve meet tons of great, pretty & talented liberal women who are dying to have kids, but it isn’t happening. And after a lot of conversations with people, I hypothesized the biggest stumbling block that no one dares speak:

  1. Liberal women waste tons of time going after liberal guys who aren’t that responsibility or commitment oriented, while conservative guys are much more responsibility and commitment oriented.
  2. Women have been brain-washed to think they can wait until they’re 40 when they truth is that women’s fertility starts to tank in their early 30’s.
  3. Women in their 20’s mistakenly think by the time they reach their mid-30’s, that guys will just be lining up for them, just ready to jump in the role of father.

The first point caused the most pushback. The second points were somewhat grudgingly accepted. So let’s hack away a little more at the first point.

The German FAZ just published a synopsis of a large study about why birth rates are plummeting in Germany with the basic conclusion that Germans are too perfectionistic.

The study said young Germans, while they generally want to have children, also want to finish their studies as well as get on a good financial footing before they start having a family. This tends to push things back, with the result that couples start having kids later than they expected, and with a resultant much smaller window of time to have children. (If you don’t understand the smaller window concept, see point #2 above.)

Sure, Germans tend towards perfectionism, but birth rates are plummeting throughout the West. Maybe they would argue that perfectionism is a general phenomenon in the West. The study also seemed focused on couples, as opposed to the ubiquitous SWF’s I meet who can’t/don’t find the right guy.

I’ll argue that the desire for Western males to have a bunch of kids is, on a subcerebral level, closely tied their sense of the value of their culture. In simple terms, men who really value their heritage, their nation, and Western civilization in general, feel pretty good about having some kids.

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen said in a recent Telegraph interview, “I feel I have two patriotic duties. One is to defend the independence and sovereignty of my country, and the other is to produce children to transmit that message.” That’s the kind of statement that a lot of conservative guys can relate to.

Not every woman’s desire to have kids and family is going to be a strongly motivated by patriotism. Their hormones make up for it. Guys, in contrast, tick a little differently.

Western conservative guys value their culture and want to further it. That means they are much more open to having kids than their liberal counterparts. They are may even be, like Marion Le Pen, quite motivated.

Today's Western liberal guys don’t give a shit about their culture. They’re drowning in moral relativism. They can’t even work up the moral indignation to defend their rights as a distinct interest group. Where are they going to find the energy and motivation to have a bunch of kids?

I’m open to a better argument, but for the moment I stand by my original premise.

& beyond all that, please do:

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