The 10 Best Conservative Scandinavian News Sites

Speak Swedish, Norwegian, Danish? Get the real story.

God, doesn’t Scandinavia have a reputation for a controlled media and out of control left-wing/globalists tendencies? Particularly Sweden.

There is some truth in that. At the same time the SVERIGEDEMOKRATERNA (SD) (25%) are clearly the largest party in Sweden, the FREMSKRITTSPARTIET (FrP) (15%) are in government in Norway, and DANSK FOLKEPARTI (O) (19%) are in government in Denmark.

Not all so bad. Denmark even seems half way sane. So while the main stream media in Scandinavia is a mess, there are vibrant alternatives to to the MSM offering some good reporting. Please mention others that I’ve missed in the comments below. Particularly for Finland and Iceland.

Snaphanen (DK) — Alexa ranking: 340,503

Axess (S)Alexa ranking: 507,837

Nyheter Idag — Alexa ranking: 54,941

Further great listings to conservative news sites around Europe are at the Connor Post.

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