The AfD = Trump light

So what’s all the Hullaballoo?

In Germany, Trump gets about 95% negative press coverage. The German state-controlled media, ergo all German mainstream media, has been consistently and pathologically against Trump. While Americans have large news organizations like Breitbart and Fox provide some counterbalance to the MSM, in Germany the MSM is like having only CNN fake news, 24/7.

So even if the AfD is only some form of Trump light, it isn’t that surprising that they get bashed by the German press. Let’s just stop pretending the news reports you hear about the AfD represent anything akin to journalism. While there are some alternatives to the German MSM (especially in Austria and Switzerland), in Germany it is generally fake news, fake moral outrage, and fake polling, all of the time.

The German MSM, like crazy Clinton or fake news CNN, seems to think that not only is Trump deplorable, but that the vast majority of white voters in America who elected Trump are kind of deplorable too. This is in spite of the fact that about 70% of European Americans voted for Trump. In some places quite a lot more. Trump won by a landslide in the Electoral College. He won by a virtual tsunami among whites.

Not sure if the landslide/tsunami analogy works, but you get it.

Point being, if you’re just some German who reads Spiegel or the FAZ, you probably would think Trump made it in as part of some right wing coup as opposed to an election. Or else maybe something to do with the Russians….

Now that Trump has been in office for some seven scary months, unemployment has dropped to its lowest point in half a century, the stock market has gained 17%, energy prices are down, illegal immigration is down, the TPP and Paris Accords have been nixed and he’s told the globalists to generally go f*** themselves.

He’s also been clear to state that we need to defend Western civilization and combat radical Islam as if our lives depended on it. He’s said this clearly and often. In Riyadh and in Warsaw.

Which brings me to the German, very scary, Trump light.

The AfD doesn’t tweet like Trump, they don’t push the bounds of political correctness like Trump, they don’t talk quite as much about limiting immigration as Trump. They’re pretty even-keeled, though I would suggest they up their tweet game. Really, if you went back 30 years, their platform would seem liberal compared to the CDU of the time.

Nevertheless the press in Germany and the globalist press abroad continues to bitch about Trump. And moan about the AfD.

Nigel Farage put the situation in Germany nicely in perspective. The former Ukip leader and Brexit architect declared the German Chancellor had made the “worst policy decision” in the last 70 years when she openly welcomed almost a million asylum seekers into the country in 2015. The worst.

Without quibbling about whether it was the worst or the second worst or third worst, let’s just agree that it was terrible, terrible mistake. One that has caused, and will cause, untold suffering. She put Germans not first, but last.

This is the woman whose party continues to get voted in. The woman who only days ago doubled down and said she will not accept limits on third world immigration into Germany. She’s in power. She’s expected by hook or by crook to stay in power through the next election cycle. Germany has real problems and nobody in leadership is willing to discuss them in public.

The quality of life in Germany is disintegrating. Rapes, murder and crime rates are skyrocketing (totally underreported by the German MSM). Left wing extremists have free reign and are completely out of control. The average citizen is becoming disenfranchised from the system. Germans have to look to Britain, Poland and Hungary for any sense of sanity.

And you want to tell me the average German cares whether the AfD gets 9 or 14% of the vote? Or whether Trump thumbs his nose at Soros, Merkel and the BBC?

After all the public hand wringing is done, and the politically correct b.s. has been uttered, most Germans would love to be rid of Merkel and see Germany become more than just the doormat for the world. Of course. Germany has a rich and beautiful culture that should be fostered as much as the other great European nations.

And they couldn’t give a shit about the endless Trump/AfD bashing on the part of left wing journalists.

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