The Identitarians

are inspiring a generation

I recently saw some speakers from the hipster-right Identitarian Movement describe how they scaled Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and unfurled banners in defense of Western values. It was an action that really captured imaginations and headlines worldwide.

This is the same Brandenburg Gate where Reagan declared to the world, “Tear down this wall.” The day of Reagan’s speech in 1987, 50,000 left-wingers demonstrated against the presence of the American president in Berlin, and the speech at first received very little attention. Two years later the wall had fallen and the speech and the action of holding it in front of a militarized Brandenburg Gate between East and West Germany had been elevated to one of the greatest statements in defense of the free West ever.

Reagan declares, “Tear down this wall.”

The Identitarians, like Reagan, picked the Brandenburg Gate because it is probably the most iconic piece of architecture in Germany, as well as a gate between East and West.

This followed headline-grabbing actions at the Imperial Theater in Vienna , and the occupation of the EU offices in Paris last year. They’re good.

Which is exactly what the governments of Europe are worried about. These governments have funnel youthful energy into groups that support globalist and multicultural agendas. Teenagers and first year college students are conned into Occupy and AntiFa demos thinking they are fighting the ‘man’ or even improving the world, instead of being what Lenin called his ‘useful idiots’.

The establishment governments are terrified of the youth being offered an alternative. Because once they lose the majority of the youth support the gig is up, and Merkel, Juncker and Hollande will be looking for new jobs with considerably fewer fringe benefits.

They are so terrified that in Germany the government has declared that the Identitarians will now officially be monitored by the… secret police. From Breitbart:

The head of Germany’s domestic intelligence service announced the Identitarian youth protest group have reached the threshold to qualify for domestic surveillance.

The idea of a threshold is a bit of a joke because in Germany they probably only represent 500 or so hipsters and students. We’re talking a bunch of art and architecture students, pre-med and history majors, guys and gals studying to become teachers and lawyers. I’ve talked to them. Middle class, educated. Europe’s youth and future. What could be the threat that the Merkel Government feels they need to call in the big guns? Were they ever bothered by similar PR events from Greenpeace?

The answer can only be that they’re effective. After the elections in Austria, Brexit, Trump winning the GOP nomination and a series of wins by the AfD in Germany, it is clear that a very unhappy establishment is going to start lashing out wildly in all directions. And their biggest worry is a movement that inspires the youth to start resisting the globalist agenda.

One of the speakers who took part in scaling the Brandenburg Gate shined a light on things. He said when he was young he ran with lefties, demonstrating and causing havoc on the 1st of May like all his other buddies. He grew out of the left wing politics, but reflecting back, he also said there wasn’t any alternative for fun and adventure besides the left wing scene when he was young, so of course that’s what he did. For swashbuckling adventure the AntiFa and the lefties were the only game in town, and there wasn’t anything to compare them to.

That’s not true anymore.

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