The Ten Best Conservative Austrian News Sites

Speak German? Get the real story.

The gap that separates the MSM and reality is breathtaking. Conservatives still fall in the trap of reading the New York Times for international news, just because it’s still sold at kiosks. Sometimes German speakers will read the FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) or Spiegel at an airport. All very partisan left wing news sources.

And Austrian news, well, most people wouldn’t know where to turn. And yet Austria has a great selection of news sites, which reflects the fact that the conservative and patriotic FPÖ has dominated the polls for the last years. The press also seems to be notably freer in Austria than in Germany.

Nowadays (thanks to Al Gore) we have the internet. Do you speak German? Here’s a list of 10 of the best conservative Austrian news sites. Not just for Austrian news, but for some of the most balanced perspectives on international and world news that you can find on the European continent.

Bachhheimer — Alexa ranking: 66,209

Unser Mitteleuropa — Alexa ranking: 187,621

Unzensuriert — Alexa ranking: 49,633

Special bonus track number 11:

IB Austria YouTube Channel — 1,597 subscribers

Further great listings to conservative news sites around Europe are at the Connor Post.

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