Trump is right

We have to stop the normalization of terrorism

Not a day goes by without the press feigning new outrage over something Trump did, said, or tweeted. And while it is enjoyable seeing the globalist mostly-swamp media with theirs nickers in a perpetual twist, Trump’s fight against the normalization of terrorism is quite profound.

As a journalist who goes back and forth between Europe and America I can tell you that that is exactly what the European MSM and people like Merkel, Schulz and Junker are trying to do in Europe: normalize mass migration and terror.

The new mantra is that this is the new normal. Women are encouraged to dress down, go out in groups and wear tennis shoes in case they’re attacked, so they can run. Terrorist attacks are constantly denied, played down, or buried with the next news cycle.

It is already a week ago that the White House said terror attacks are not really getting covered. Specifically, “Networks are not devoting to each of them the same level of coverage they once did,” an official said. “This cannot be allowed to become the ‘new normal’.”

The media went crazy talking about the number of reporters in the field, minutes of air time, etc. For the MSM (proven in the last 18 months to be beyond clueless) it was just another example of Trump and his cronies spouting off without thinking.

But it isn’t.

Recent polling says that now 16% of German women carry pepper spray. 48% avoid areas near where they live. Germany, like Sweden, used to be safe, and safe for women to go out alone at night. And we’re talking, like, three years ago.

Now women are worried about where they go out even during the day, and have to think a lot more about being with people, getting a ride home, watching what they drink, or be fearful if they, God forbid, drink too much.

Some people will look at the statistics and suggest that you have more chance of getting hit by a bus than dying in a terror attack. (They don’t seem to mention the new rape statistics, in which according to André Schulz, head of the Criminal Police Association, only 10% of the sex crimes committed in Germany appear in the official statistics, and even those underreported stats are skyrocketing.)

It might be true that you have more chance of getting hit by a bus than tortured and having your testicles shoved down your throat in the Bataclan. (“Details” suppressed by the media that was supposedly covering that very perverse and gruesome terror attack.)

Such analogies are misleading, but also a perfect example of the attempt of the establishment and MSM to normalize terrorism in Europe. People’s day to day lives have been dramatically changed. They walk around with pepper spray, they hesitate to send their kids to public swimming pools, and they don’t know if their kids will be safe walking home from school. They have to watch theirs backs in ways they didn’t have to.

Funny enough, the MSM in Europe is momentarily beyond hysterical pontificating what a Trump presidency might bring, while in much of Western Europe the governments don’t even seem to be able to guarantee your safety if you go to watch a football match, a concert, or even go to a Christmas market. The current leadership has blown it, and completely. What could Trump possibly do that would be worse in comparison?

The terrorism, and the effects of the terrorism, is horrible. Is the MSM really reporting on it? Not if it gets in the way of their very extreme globalist worldview. Because to really report on these terror attacks and the massive number of sexual assaults being perpetrated (also a form of terror), they would also have to seriously question if it has to be that way.

Trump is, and they aren’t.

& beyond all that, please do:

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