Map of the Middle East — it ain’t Europe. Complements of Wiki

Turkey in the EU? They must be kidding.

Lately there has been a volley of protests from the globalist left-wing Merkel government suggesting that if Turkey doesn’t behave, Turkey won’t be admitted to the EU. Oddly, I don’t think the vote for Brexit has sunk in yet.

That the Ottoman empire conquered Constantinople never made the Turks European, any more than the Arabs who invaded the Iberian Peninsula.

Yes, the Ottoman Turks sacked, pillaged, and conquered Constantinople in 1453, secured a foothold on the Balkan Peninsula, and for whatever odd historical reason, were not driven back to the Turkish Peninsula in better times. Beyond that anomaly of history, cultural, ethnic, religious and linguistic connections are virtually nonexistent.

Oh, wait, but don’t they participate in the the Eurovision song contest?

I’m sure if the globalists have their way China and Sudan will be competing in the Eurovision song contest.

But, what I want to know is, when is the joke over? I thought it had been buried, and then suddenly, in the midst of the migrant crises, it is being argued that Turkey has to be (quickly) admitted to the EU in order to get them to help curtail the massive influx of ‘refugees’ from the Middle East.

Of course Merkel and company are just trying to drive us crazy. Drive us to such levels of distraction that we stop paying attention. I know that.

They might might even be succeeding.

Now a once vaguely secular Turkey is becoming radicalized by a man who famously said, “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.” There are many reasons to suggest that Erdogan and his inner circle wish to turn Turkey into their own Islamic State.

This is the man who jails journalists, ignores human rights, and has continually blackmailed Europe with threats that he will flood Europe with Middle Easterners. And now, with the recent coup, the headlines just keep coming.

And yet the likes of Merkel and the left wing globalists that fueled Brexit with their undemocratic ways keep suggesting that Turkey joining the EU is within the normal course of events. Presumably to be followed by Morocco, Israel and then maybe, with time, the rest of the Middle East. And why not? Some argument can always be made. Colonial ties, large immigrant populations of said country in Europe, participation in the Eurovision song contest… Just threatening to call opponents of their plans racist is enough to silence most liberals. So don’t count on liberals doing anything to save Europe. Most liberals would rather die than be called a bigot.

But let the good citizens of Europe rise up and say, “screw them.” The only argument for Turkey joining the EU is that Keynesian economists who have no regard for European culture are willing to do anything in the name of fueling economic growth, including unbridled third world immigration to the West.

In simple terms ,Turks have virtually no cultural, ethnic, linguistic or religious ties to Europe, and have no business in the EU. Or Eurovision. Or the Euro Cup.

In fact I’ve just created a petition. Like the idea? Sign it, share it.


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