Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Just how do we take out this guy?

The Trump is “abusive to women” one seemed to fail the first two times it got trotted out in in the GOP nominating process.

Some combination of desperately poor reporting and zero fact checking seemed to doom it, together with a lot of women who have had contact with Trump in 40 years of business and speak well of him.

I guess the “not fit to be in charge of the nuclear codes” didn’t work either. It was a good try, but for whatever reason, despite fear being a great motivator, it just seemed to peter out.

One problem is that Trump doesn’t drink or do drugs and never has, so he’s pretty even-keeled. Another is that after years in the public eye running hundreds of businesses, people have a general sense that he is pretty consistent. Hillary, after years being in the public eye, not so much.

Then, the “Trump is very ‘dark’” meme didn’t really take off despite being repeated endlessly after the GOP convention.

What was amazing about that one, is that the consistency with which it was repeated showed just how controlled the media was, … or is.

After that, the “basket of deplorables” catchphrase backfired despite a “huge” advertising budget to push associations between Trumpa and Hitler, David Duke and the KKK.

It backfired partly because it was just so over the top and absurd, and partly because the attack was done in such a ham-handed way. Now it seems that everyone outside the SF Bay Area has started calling themselves deplorable if they’re even halfway patriotic or mischievous. It almost sounds kind of cute.

So now we are back to the first trope, with accusations of Trump groping a woman on a plane 30 years ago. Or another women at a concert decades back. And of course others; quantity if not quality. Up there with that NY Times article in May that was supposed to take down Trump, and completely unraveled. Now, charges brought up 3 weeks before the election after 10 months of accusations that didn’t fly.

Bill Clinton is accused of raping multiple women. Trump is accused of groping multiple women. Everyone is supposed to be shocked. Maybe it will work this time!

If it doesn’t, well . . . wash, rinse, repeat. Anything, but talking about the issues that affect everyday Americans.

I think the nuclear codes one is the next on the list.

& beyond all that, please do:

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