What does no-go zone really mean?

(Or how to feel nervous at least some of the time)

As Europe continues to disintegrate, the term “no-go zone” keeps getting bandied about. These are the multicultural neighborhoods that we never used to have in Europe. It was just something that happened in America.

They are also places (some of them anyway) where people go out and party, or students sometimes live. This leads to some confusion, especially among students and victims of massive government-funded brainwashing programs. But I guess I’m repeating myself.

The litmus test is not whether some young men can go out for beers in these neighborhoods in the evening. Although, due to the not-so-subtle efforts of “Sharia patrols,” in many of these no-go zones that is no longer possible.

Nor is the litmus test, a place where the local police fear to go. Though now in Europe, there are an ever increasing number of such places. In France, Sweden, the UK, Germany…

The litmus test is whether Europeans can walk in these areas without being endangered for being white. The issue is whether a women like Katie Hopkins, who with her blond hair and blue eyes, would be feel safe in what she calls vast swathes of London and the UK.

The truth, is that there are neighborhoods, hundreds of neighborhoods, scattered across Europe, where Europeans fear to tread.

They may go to these neighborhoods, they may live to an extent in these neighborhoods, but they live there in fear for their safety, and lives. Blond women cover their hair. European kids don’t really play in the parks, but are kept inside under lock and key. The older people who are often trapped in these neighborhoods live in perpetual insecurity.

Post-colonial dialectal thought notwithstanding, no-go zones have no place in Europe. Some of the establishment politicians, the globalists, are happy to concede defeat as quickly to no-go zones as they are to terrorism. Just something we have to live with.

Fitting, in its way, as Islam itself means quite literally submission.

Other pols like Trump and Le Pen, Farage and Blocher aren’t in such a rush to surrender. Thank God they seem to be gaining ground throughout the Western world. I guess people are getting tired of the EU, riots, a massive spike in rapes and terrorism throughout Europe, and of course, no-go zones.

I’m just wondering when someone of stature besides Milo (a self-proclaimed Jewish fag who professes to liking black bfs, hardly the standard bearer of Western civilization) is going to talk about reclaiming Constantinople.

Though fair f**** to Milo for being on the right side of so many issues.

& beyond all that, please do:

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