News aggregators are like newspapers, only better. They are timelier and have more content. Conservative news aggregators are better yet, as there are no conservative newspapers.

But what makes a conservative news aggregator great? I think three things: thoroughness, insight and reliability.


I can’t read all the world’s news, and wouldn’t want to if I could. That’s the point of a news aggregator, to curate the articles for me.

But I also can’t read French, don’t know where to look for news in New Zealand, and don’t know what’s hot — if anything — in the Netherlands or Iceland. I already get my local news, by and large. I want a news aggregator that tells me what is happening throughout the Western world, not just the U.S. That means Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and South Africa, too. That’s the point of having a news aggregator for the whole Western world.

I want to feel plugged into arts, culture and science as well, not just politics. I want links in one place that can take me anywhere I need to go for more information, education and even entertainment. And I want to be able to find all of this without negotiating Google’s politically correct search filters. Not because I can’t find what I want on my own, but because it would take too long. And that’s the point of a conservative news aggregator for the Western world.


Being interested in conservative news doesn’t mean I want to live in an information bubble. It doesn’t help me much to get my news filtered by my “likes,” as in a Facebook feed. And yet I don’t want to read the New York Times to make sure I’m “well-rounded,” or wade through fake news sites so I know what the MSM is up to. How do I filter my news without creating a bubble? There’s no easy answer, and that’s why I need a news aggregator with insight. Let someone with more time and experience curate articles for quality, flag fake news (if it has to be mentioned at all), direct me to original content, and highlight what’s important. Most of all, provide me with a well-rounded news experience that avoids pigeonholing events as right-wing, left-wing, populist, radical, progressive, and so forth. Just give me the news without the annoying labels. I can judge for myself.


I need to be able to rely on my news aggregator as a primary news source. If I just wanted op-eds, I would cruise the blogs. If I just wanted “top headlines,” I could go to CNN. I want both, with the top headlines on top, highlights highlighted, and easy access to all the blogs and other news sites I could want.

No news aggregator is perfect, but a great news aggregator will have my trust, not just that if it’s important I will find it there, but that if it’s not you won’t waste my time. A great conservative news aggregator can be counted on to know more than I do about what is important in the Western world, so that I can too.

As Patrick Henry famously said, “Give me a great conservative news aggregator, or give me death.”

& beyond all that, please do:

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