Why Connor Post is the best conservative news aggregator

The truth is that there is very little competition

While a lot of people think of the Drudge Report first and foremost when they think about a conservative news aggregator, it begs the question: what else is out there?

Of course Matt Drudge is a trend setter. His site is rumored to be worth hundreds of millions, Andrew Breitbart got his start a Drudge, and Drudge certainly helped influence the election in Trump’s favor.

Still, the Drudge Report is like the Coca-Cola of news aggregators in an age of Mate. We know Coke has massive market share, but who wants to drink the stuff all the time? Likewise, Budweiser may be the king of beers, but last I heard, everyone is sucking down their microbrews from Northern California.

And great as Drudge might be in his genre, except for getting along with Alex Jones and supporting Trump, he’s not particularly conservative. He’s more like a libertarian, with the typical support for civil liberties (good) and halting support for nationalistic and patriotic movements (bad). On the Drudge Report, Hollywood gossip and sleaze is in and Le Pen is regularly branded as “an extremist.”

Last I heard she was completely dominating the youth vote, the gay vote, the Jewish vote. Some viewpoints are little bit out of touch.

Enter stage right: the Connor Post. A truly conservative news aggregator that is as quick to embrace Le Pen as Trump, as quick to embrace OneNation as UKIP. A right wing, conservative news aggregator that cares as much what happens in France and Australia as California.

And if you search for conservative news aggregators, there’s not much. Remnants of half-hearted attempts. Some conservative-but-not-so-conservative links and references. A Wikipedia article on Drudge.

Sometimes people say that when they want conservative news from a news aggregator, they just hit one of their favorite groups on FaceBook. Or watch their Twitter feed.

The problem with allowing left wing companies like Twitter and FaceBook to decide what news you get to see should be obvious. They suppress news they don’t want you to see, and promote what they think you should see. No one doubts this. From shadow banning to outright bans on conservatives, manipulation is rather the rule than the exception.

And the other thing is that it all tends to be just a clusterf*** of info. People send out stuff that is weeks, sometimes years old. It just gets gets dumped on you. Hard to sort through it, and the more time you spend on FB and Twitter the more you support their businesses. Is that really what you want?

If you absolutely want that model, better at least to turn to Gab.ai, which is a Twitter alternative. They don’t shadow ban, and they won’t manipulate the news you see. No matter what your opinions. Right, left, good, bad, whatever.

And one last thing that differentiates Connor Post from the other conservative news aggregators. It isn’t just focused on the US market. The Connor Post aggregates news (and conservative links) as much to Europe and the Antipodes as to North America. The focus is clearly on the West as a whole.

Yes, the God Emperor Trump is great, but he’s not everything!

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