Let’s inspire others. Share a fear or obstacle that you’ve overcome.

On Surfing and Startups

Applying the principles taken from a surfing addiction to the turbulent world of startups.

Diving in for the first time

There’s no “off” switch.

Being a creative entrepreneur can be hard road. You can’t turn it off. Everything you see or experience becomes an idea for you to hack or make better. Ideas become…

College Decisions and Crushed Dreams

As the arrival of decision letters starts to taper off, most of my friends have a good idea of where they're going next year. Some were lucky enough to…

Surfing Alone.

You can imagine the feeling. Perfect conditions, not a single soul in the lineup, you could have all the waves to yourself, and then it suddenly dawns on you; “Wait, I’m not…

Box jumps

“Can you do that?” my sister asked me as she pointed to a row of plyometric steel boxes lining one corner of the gym. I had just finished a difficult workout, but hadn’t done any box…

Barnacle baby & the year of no sleep

For his first eight months, my son Agent would wake up every forty minutes to every hour or so in pain with gas. After that, up until he was one year…

Strongman, The Wimpy Kid Edition

I’m the wimpy kid, and those numbers on the whiteboard mean everything to me.

A few years ago I heard about Crossfit and got enrolled in…

Vegan Crossfit

The Crossfit cult tends to attract macho, ‘Paleo’ diet types.The ones who believe you need to eat muscle to become muscle. These guys think they’re cave-men.They’d scoff at my…


Boats are crazy expensive, so I don’t have one. I get super anxious whenever I drive someone else’s.


I will always remember the time I jumped of the kawarau bridge in New Zealand a couple of years ago. The thrill, the fear and the rushing water below ...


Let’s inspire others. Share a fear or obstacle that you’ve overcome.

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