Meeting Speak Cheat Sheet

Use this handy cheat sheet to decipher what your coworkers are really saying during meetings.

  • “This wasn’t on my calendar” = I deleted this from my calendar
  • “Duly noted” = I’ve already forgotten about it
  • “Let’s table that” = That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard
  • “Can you repeat that?” = I was looking at Facebook
  • “To your earlier point…” = I’m kissing your ass
  • “That said…” = We’re still not changing anything
  • “Let’s streamline this process” = Let’s keep talking about this forever
  • “It’s a no brainer” = I don’t feel like thinking about it
  • “Definitely” = Probably not
  • “Can I ask a quick question?” = We are going to be here awhile
  • “Happy to discuss this further” = Don’t ever bring this up again
  • “On a related note” = I’d like to change the subject
  • “Thanks for bringing that up” = You’re going to regret bringing that up
  • “Sounds good to me” = I have no idea what you’re saying
  • “Let’s get some data on that” = I’m pretty sure you’re wrong
  • “I’ll try my best” = I’ll do the bare minimum
  • “Let’s circle back later” = I need this to be over
  • “I’ll set a reminder to follow up on that” = You will never hear from me or see me again

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Sarah Cooper is a writer, comedian and creator of Her first book, 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings is out now.