Why register for Conquest?

The Rogers Adoption Curve describes how new innovations and ideas are accepted and adopted by groups and cultures. The curve highlights the acceptance of new ideas by society through five stages as depicted below:

Conquest is for the innovators trying to bring about change, the 2.5% of society. Discrete compartmentalization of milestones in a startup’s life cycle is a toughie. We tried to strip it down bit by bit, to figure out what a founder really needs. True to our mission of helping you find the missing link, we tried to bring as much as possible to the table. At Conquest, we have something for everyone.

“Ideas beget ideas.” -Paul Graham

Who’s your Senpai?

Inspiration has struck you out of the blue, and you’re all excited about it. You suddenly start planning and think that you’ve got it all figured out. You are an early stage startup, working towards getting your product market fit, and start attracting the first few customers. Obstacles arise. From logistical issues to diversifying your product, you don’t know what to do. Here’s where Conquest kicks in. Get mentored by people who have done it all in the past, the very best. Conquest brings together some of the most happening individuals in the Indian startup scene like Shanti Mohan from LetsVenture, Suvonil Chatterjee from Ola Cabs, Rishab Kaul from Belong.co and Abhishek Nayak amongst others.

In addition to offline mentoring sessions at co-working spaces, we provide online mentoring at your convenience. Our expansive network of mentors ensures that help is just a call away and helps you take a more informed decision pertaining to your brainchild. We provide excellent networking opportunities to meet with stakeholders of the startup ecosystem who’ve been there and done that. They’re just like you: left their fancy 9 to 5 and are constantly questioned at family gatherings with a whole lot of responsibilities riding upon them.


We understand that as a founder you’ll be juggling a thousand tasks at once. As college students, we don’t really have to worry about living and space to work. We realize the freedom it offers, and wanted to extend it to you. So, we will be providing you with free co-working and co-living spaces right at the heart of the startup ecosystem, Bengaluru. With basic amenities taken care of, startup founders can focus on more pressing tasks. Imagine all the pitfalls you’ll avoid if you take the journey with other startup founders like you. Shared experiences and a unanimous desire to succeed makes for a great experience. Use the atmosphere to cater to your creative ability and passion for your idea with other entrepreneurs just like you. Leverage the 10 days you have by exploring the plethora of opportunities Bengaluru offers.

“A founder is the emotional energy aorta of a company.” -Andy Dunn

Investing and fundraising 101

We needed to give you a pretty good reason to shift operations for a relatively short span of 10 days. So this time around, Conquest will play host to regular investment and fundraising workshops to better your elevator pitch and polish your pitch deck by industry professionals like Accel Partners, Blume Ventures and Lightspeed Ventures amongst others. Investment workshops from market leaders help you stand a better chance in the startup ecosystem. We will have investors from top VC firms, Conquest alumni and experienced founders to help maneuver deals and secure funding too. As a founder, you will get a shot to sit across the table and pitch to early stage investors from various firms almost everyday. Make a mark by securing your next round of funding through Conquest.

The Grand Finale

The program concludes with the Grand Finale in Bengaluru. Equipped with insights on how to make it big, you will have the perfect opportunity to bring out your deck and pitch to some of the best investors in all of India. It’s an excellent gateway for your tryst with media, through some of the best media houses in the country. Better yet, there’s 5 lakhs of prize money on the line. It’s the best day to meet with every possible player in the game leading to your success. Stakes are high, so make it count.

And guess what?

This year, we’re introducing on-demand mentoring sessions, providing help whenever and wherever you need it. Given the number of problems you have to solve at a time, it is natural to hit a roadblock every now and then. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a mentor to turn to during moments of crisis? Well, we’ve done just that for you. Through our platform, reach out to our network when you need it.

So hop aboard the Conquest train. We’ll take you to the place you need to reach.

Registrations are now open. Make your mark at www.conquest.org.in