Trump Doesn’t Hate You. He Fears You. But Not Enough.

A Manifesto for the Next Four Years


You didn’t ask for revelation, but sure as hell needed it.

Trump’s terrified you enough. Make him fear you.

Let fury come. Depression and tears will flow. Demand the space you need. When you emerge the world will be here.

Fall on your knees. Heal your broken pieces. Smooth your jagged edges. Self-care yourself back to life. Lose God. Find God. Find several. You’ll need all the help you can get.

You must start the work on yourself. You must explore limiting narratives, decolonize minds, and drop illusions.

Deconstruct yourself and you realize that dismantling oppression is not merely possible, but necessary to your survival.

Then, stand in your power and magnificence and awe. Don’t you know that you’re your ancestor’s prayers? You are divine only and difficult always because Love is divine only and difficult always.

Be Love where the world expects you to be fear.
Be light where the world expects dark.
Be soft where the world expects you to be harsh.

Here’s the opportunity to rise. Now is the moment to pick up crosses, to hold fast to whys, to love more than ever imagined possible. It’s time to dream with open eyes.

I refuse to tell anyone they’ll be okay, that there’s nothing to worry about. My people — Black, brown, Indigenous, queer, trans*, Muslim, disabled — know birth pangs too well.

It’ll be hard, but remember your soul descended for this.

Please share with anyone who may need freedom.

Elina McGill. Life coach. Visionary. Rebel.

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