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ID: Text reads: Diversity Darlings, fashion and culture tailored for disabled woman. The text is in a deep red with a light pink dotty underline. In the top left hand corner text reads Issue 1 in cursive. The Conscious Being logo, a light and dark red rainbow with Conscious underneath, is next to this text. Surrounding the text are light purple hanging flowers in a watercolour style.
Text Reads: Brand of the Month: Intimately.Co, with a light pink dotty underline. In the top left is a light purple hanging flower in a watercolour style.

Intimately.Co collates brands from Elba London to Dear Kate, bringing you underwear that combines both function and fashion. Their shop features side opening underwear, magnetic front opening bras and period-proof lacy underwear — to help all women feel beautiful. They have a good sizing range, classic but stylish designs and their pieces are the perfect start to any outfit.

Photo Credit — Intimately.Co ID: Three pictures of the Intimately.Co underwear collection. The first picture, in the top left is of a plus-sized woman with freckles, in black underwear and a black and light pink bra with magnetic front opening clasps, she clutches a flower to her chest. The second picture to the right is of a a woman in a wheelchair clutching her legs, in a similar black and light grey bra with magnetic front opening clasps, a black band tattoo on her arm, and she looks joyous. The final picture underneath features the bottom half of a woman in black underneath with side opening magnetic clasps which she holds; she has stretch marks on her stomach and legs.

Elba Blush Bra: The Elba Bra in Blush is one of our favourite pieces. Not only is it a gorgeous colour, but this bra features front magnetic opening, double layered cups, adjustable straps, an easily removable label (no horrendous itching!) and soft casing with flexible boning to provide support without an underwire. If that’s not enough there’s a touch of cosmopolitan gold on the straps for that finishing touch! It retails for a cool £48.

Their Instagram : has a beautifully cultivated Instagram aesthetic; wholesome and stylish. It features customer selfies, educational posts surrounding life with disability, inspirational graphics, recommended reading lists and more. All of their posts are encapsulated in varying shades of earthy tones, and the product is both beautiful and welcoming.

Their Sense of Community: Having recently launched their community scheme, are encouraging disabled women to meet and empower one another. Organising events like a monthly book club and discussion around lifestyle or fashion, this inclusive company truly want you to be apart of the family. We can’t wait to see what they do with their community scheme next!

  • A brighter range of colour.
  • A broader price range.
Text reads: Style Match! Featuring: The Able Label, LHG Designs, Kintsugi Clothing, BetterDaysAhead. ID: Style Match! is written in a large, cursive, dark red font. The “featuring” text is in block capitals in the middle of the page in a light maroon. The light purple watercolour flowers are featured in the bottom right and top left hand corner.
Image Credit: The Lottie Knitted Wrap in Neutral is from The Able Label, the bracelets are from LHG Designs from Not On The High Street. ID: In the top left hand corner is a knitted wrap in beige, white, light blue and grey and frayed edges, on a hanger. To the left is black, block text reading: Lottie Knitted Wrap — Neutral, £59. In the bottom right hand corner is three different coloured bracelets (silver, rose gold and gold) with individual beads which form braille text. Underneath is black, block text which reads: Personalised Braille Code Bracelet, £35. A curly, dark red arrow connects the two images with light pink cursive text to the right which reads: pair with.
Photo Credit: The Batwing Top with Side Zip is from Kintsugi Clothing, the Adjustable Mobility Aid Gift Set in Mulberry is from The Able Label, the Mental Health Matters Shirt in Heather is from BetterDaysAhead store on Etsy. ID: In the top left hand corner is a black, satin style t-shirt with batwing sleeves and a light silver collar, to the left is black, block text which reads: batwing top with side zip, £35. To the left of this is a light purple metallic mobility aidwith brown handle, folded into four parts. The mobility aid is on top of a light beige case with a pink floral design and green leaves, to the left is black, block texts which reads: Adjustable Mobility Aid Gift Set — Mulberry £34. At the bottom left is a blonde woman looking down touching her hair in a ponytail, wearing a light pink shirt with cursive text which reads: Mental Health Matters, next to the text is the outline of a rose, she wears light blue jeans. To the left of the image is black, block text which reads: Mental Health Shirt — Heather £15.50. The mobility aid is connect to the two shirts by dark red curling arrows, the top arrow has text which reads: pair with, whilst the second arrow has text which reads: or with.
Text Reads: Instagram Stars. ID: The word Instagram is in the brand’s cursive text, whilst the word stars is in block capitals, the text is in a dark pink. Underneath is a dotty line in dark red. Light purple watercolour flowers are in the bottom right and top left hand corner, in the top right hand corner is the outline of the Instagram logo with sparkles around it, in matching dark red.

Every month we scroll and double tap our way through Instagram to find our top Instagram stars. We want to celebrate all styles featuring those that identify as disabled women — steampunk or preppy, dressed to the nines or sweat-pant swagger — tag your Instagram pictures with #diversitydarlings for the chance to be featured!

Photo Credit: Instagram account of ID: A woman sits on a rainbow coloured blanket, she has light pink dress on, with glitter on the base of the dress and puffy off the shoulder organza material sleeves. She has a metallic pink choker with an alien head on the end, and her hair is in matching long pink braids. She has black and pink cat ears, and sits in a comfortable pose, smiling happily.

Account —

About: is run by Teighlor, showcasing her aesthetic, joyful style… as well as being comfy — an important factor considering her chronic illness. Teighlor also runs @blackdisabilitycollective which “share[s] stories and envision[s]” the future for black disabled people. Their tagline is “black disabled lives are sacred” and this fantastic account run by Teighlor shares resources, thoughts, stories and more.

What we love: The whole princess bubblegum vibe! Those off the shoulder, floaty sleeves? Yes. The alien choker? Yes. The cat ears? Yes. Teighlor is one for cute accessories and colour!

Photo Credit goes to @paola_antonini and @disabled_fashion ID: a woman lounges against a deck chair at a sunny location, she wears a teal coloured bikini and has long, wavy blonde hair. Her right leg has a sparkly prosthetic attached in a light pink with black accents. She is smiling happily with black round shades on.

Account -@disabled_fashion

Model — @paola_antonini

About: @disabled_fashion is dedicated to sharing fashion from disabled people around the globe!

What we love: The account features a range of styles, disabilities, and personalities. What we loved about Paola’s image is how radiantly joyful she looks and, of course, her sparkly pink prosthetic.

Photo Credit goes to @fashionbellee ID: a woman sits comfortably in her wheelchair, wearing a light pink blazer over a white blouse, she holds a small,icy blue bag in her left hand, and her right rests on her wheelchair controller. Her trousers are black with a floral pattern in various shades of pink, red and white, underneath them you can see the tips of her icy blue shoes that match her bag.

Account — @fashionbellee

About: Sophie runs this vibrant account to discuss her strong interest in fashion, and her opinions around inclusivity for disabled people within the media and the fashion industry. She is a disabled mother with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

What we love: Her icy blue matching shoes and bag, the pop of floral pattern and Sophie’s sleek hairstyle.

Photo Credit: ID: a soft stand is facing sideways with a tablet resting on it, the stand has various patterns including flowers and leaves in light teal, pink, orange and yellow. To the left of the photo is text in dark red which reads: Product of the Month with a dark pink swirling arrow connecting the two. Smaller text near the arrow reads: phone cushion stand — £14. In the top left and bottom right are small watercolour purple flowers.

This stand is great for those with repetitive strain injury, arthritis, or with limited hand mobility. It has a vibrant, friendly pattern, and is handmade! You can find this gem over on along with a whole host of over goodies, including eco-friendly and repurposed gifts.

Photo Credit: Disabled Holidays ID: Dark red text in the top left reads: Holiday Destination of the Month, with a dotty underline in the same colour. Underneath is a picture of a geometric house with a large outside patio and glass windows from floor to ceiling, lit up from inside, the surrounding area looks like forest. Next to this is a location tag which reads Kielder, Northumberland, with a wheelchair icon underneath and text next to it which reads: Wheelchair accessible, grab rails, wheel in shower, hoists available. In the top left is a larger picture showing the inside of the house, there is a TV secured to the wall with back-lit purple lights, wooden accessories including a rustic coffee table, and a large seating area which looks out onto the patio at night. Underneath is a picture of the accessible bathroom with light blue tiles and a wheelchair accessible shower space with glass partition to the toilet, sink with mirror and towel rails.

This holiday location is perfect for a staycation, featuring a stunning panoramic window overlooking the idyllic Northumberland countryside. These contemporary lodges include luxurious living space with accessible accommodations, allowing you — or somebody in your holiday party — to enjoy a rare holiday stress free, being specially designed for a wheelchair user or those with limited mobility.

This lodge features a hot tub, whilst the park this lodge is situated on includes an indoor hydrotherapy pool, sensory room, sauna, aromatherapist and accessible walking locations. Disabled Holidays also include adapted transfers with their partner Driving Miss Daisy, to save the hassle of searching for a safe and reliable transfer to your holiday destination.

ID: A dark red cartoon like drawing of a pretend Spotify screenshot, instead of an album cover there is text which reads: the lakes — Taylor Swift, September — Earth, Wind and Fire and Beautiful Day — U2. Underneath the text is the Conscious Being Logo, and above the text is text which reads: Playing From Playlist — Caring is Loving. Underneath the drawing is dark green text which reads: What the Conscious Being Team are listening to. August Theme — Nature. Underneath this text is a grey sound wave, and surrounding the entire section are matching dark green pen like scribbles.

If you enjoyed this month’s issue — let us know on social media! Tweet @esioul or @ladychloestark with your thoughts, we’d love to hear from you. Conscious Being is funded by a Patreon, which we use to pay our writers. All of our contributors would appreciate it greatly if you could check that out.

If you would like to be featured on the next month’s issue of Diversity Darlings, and you identify as a disabled woman, contact Chloe either through, twitter @ladychloestark or instagram @lemoncaketales. Next month we intend to feature an interview with a woman who works with inclusive fashion, if that is you — please get in touch!



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