Art as a Meditation Space

“A painting is not a picture of an experience, but is the experience.”
Mark Rothko

“Resting the mind can be accomplished by meditation, and also by artwork, which allows the intuition to flow: the conscious mind recedes. Meditation and artwork at their best complement each other, and true things emerge.” — Candace Loheed

Art is a meditative space. The way you’re supposed to experience art is to stop and stare at it, to become completely absorbed in what you are seeing. You cannot experience art if…




Conscious Paradoxalism is collection of essays on Metamodern Aesthetics. The revolution of the Renaissance gave rise to Academic normal art. The revolution of Modernism gave rise to Postmodern art, the new academic normal art. Metamodernism is the new revolution.

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Troy Camplin

Troy Camplin

I am the author of “Diaphysics” and the novel “Hear the Screams of the Butterfly.” I am a consultant, poet, playwright, novelist, and interdisciplinary scholar.

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