A Purposeless Life: the Way to Peace

“Thoughts are inevitable… getting caught up in the chains of the unrelenting unconscious thinking is optional” — Gema Ramírez —

What if there was no purpose to life?

What if there was nothing to do, nothing to accomplish, nothing to get, nowhere to get to, nothing to become?

What would you do today if all you had to do was living?

Some spend too much time thinking about life, thinking about what you want to do, to achieve, to become. You spend tons of money on courses and people to help you find your purpose in life. You have wasted so many precious resources in thinking about life instead of living it.

Some have discovered that having a purpose is helping them to start moving forward. Others are still stuck in finding their why.

Both situations are limiting. As you ´find´ your purpose, you have narrowed your unboundedness to just one outcome, one goal, one thing to accomplish. In the same way, if you feel stuck trying to find your why, you are limiting yourself to the belief that nothing is possible until you find your purpose, and you life your live in standby mode, waiting for that something to happen, for that realisation and in the waiting, life passes by waiting for no one.

What if you started to live your life right now? Living as if your purpose is fully known to you. Living as if your purpose is to have a wonderful life, free of limitations, free of thinking about what your life should be like and just living instead?

You may want to have a purpose… or you may not, and both attitudes are valid as long as you live your life without waiting for one more second.

We are here to experience life where we are and as what we are. This pure, childlike enjoyment is clouded only by our thoughts, by the overthinking about things instead of living.

Somebody said that pain is inevitable yet suffering is optional… I say:

“Thoughts are inevitable… getting caught up in the chains of unrelenting unconscious thinking is optional.”

Therefore, choose your thoughts wisely, feel your feelings and investigate the thought behind that created it so that you know yourself. Find out what triggers you and change your thoughts accordingly. Observe your thinking from your Consciousness, from your Soul instead of immersing yourself into the potential film that presents itself as a simple harmless thought. Free yourself from the illusion in disguise that each thought you think brings with it by seeing your thoughts as opportunities to observe or to create with.

There is an awesome Peace to be found beyond too much thinking, beyond the overactive scripts of your imagination. There is a calm Joy to be found in the observing your thinking , enjoying the nature of our mind and our quality of being human. There is Great Love behind all thoughts and when we fully tap into this Love, it connects us fully with the Universal Mind, the All That Is, the God/Goddess, the Oneness of it All where everything originates from in every single moment we live.

Elevating Humanity´s Consciousness through Conscious Education, Love & Compassion

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Gema Ramirez

Gema Ramirez


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