Tools for Conscious Success

Gema Ramirez
Oct 14 · 3 min read
  1. FLOW

Coach John Wooden, one of the greatest coaches and human beings of our era, defined Success as:

“Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”

This definition of success takes all the ego out of the equation and put the emphasis on the inner work that is required for self-knowledge and self-acceptance.

Success comes with hard work, yes, putting the hours is always necessary. But it´s the not the kind of hard work you are used to because when you love what you do, work does not seem like work, it´s life itself, and it´s easy to love life.

Knowing that you do your best in all occasion is really knowing yourselves very well and also recognising that there are still some areas of improvement, where improvement is understood as removing the barriers from whatever is preventing you to be the magnificent being that you already are, by birth right.

This knowing of one self is the result of looking within for answers and for change, not expecting others to have the answers or to change, but taking responsibility for all that surround us.

Success then becomes a quest of Soul´s qualities that bring possibility to that success and FLOW to your life in a continuous wave of syncronisities, miracles and magic.

To enjoy success more often, cultivate:

PERSISTENCE: constantly doing what you need to do each moment.
FOCUSED INTENTION: set your mind on your destination and keep your attention to it so that it manifest easily.
DETACHMENT FROM FAILURE: accept failure as a learning tool and fail often, so that you learn more.
GROWTH MINDSET: keep the attitude of a student even if you are the teacher, with an open heart and mind.
COMMITMENT: nothing happens until you are fully committed. Success is inevitable when commitment is in the house.
ENGAGEMENT: be active with your activities and do what you need to do, acting from your intuition and heart.

Allow your life to FLOW as it happens. You have set your direction with your intention and keep walking on your path with your persistence and commitment. Then detach from your goal, let your outcomes go, you know where you are heading, there is no need to keep pointing to the direction when you know the way. Keep on it, each day, each moment, and allow the FLOW of life to guide your each next step towards Success.


You forgive for yourself. This may go against what you have been told all of your lives because maybe you think that forgiving those who did you wrong is doing something good for them and they don´t deserve it. Or maybe you think that by forgiving them you stop punishing the person who wronged you.

Those are false statements. The Truth is that forgiveness liberates you. It sets YOU free. Free from the powerless situation that holding a grudge puts your through. Free from the burden of holding the guilt of someone else´s wrong actions. Free from the link to the situation or person who did something wrong to you.

Forgiveness reclaims your power back. When you are holding something against someone, you are still giving them your power. They keep damaging you even though they damage was done a long time ago. By forgiving, you set yourself free and you are powerful again. For true power is spiritual power and its roots are deep in Forgiveness.

This is True Success.

Conscious Leadership

Elevating Humanity´s Consciousness through Conscious Education, Love & Compassion

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